Do you like colored lip products?

I'm just curious. My husband likes it when I wear a pinkish colored gloss. He hates all shades of red though. What kinds of colors if any do you guys like on lips. Is there any cosmetic that you completely hate? I cannot STAND foundation. It always looks fake.


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  • I almost always wear colored lip gloss. Usually in a pale pink color. I have very pale skin with very dark hair and it just looks too plain if I don't have some color on my lips. In fact, it actually probably makes me look normal.

    • That is how I see it. My skin has a reddish undertone that is flattered by a little lip color. Modestly can work wonders I agree.

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  • I am pretty much fine with any lipstick or color or balm or gloss...I can deal with any eye makeup and think mascara is generally a good thing...I hate all cheek makeup concealer, blush and particularly foundation and especially bronzer...):


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  • Yes I like them! I'm very pale with dark brown hair and my lips are just too colorless if I don't wear something. Usually I wear a light layer of natural pink lip stain. Lip gloss and lipstick are too messy for my taste, most of them are sticky, and they rub off too quickly.

    Cosmetics that I can't stand... definitely eyeshadow! Maybe it's just because I never learned how to apply it and blend the color properly, and it looks so tacky when I wear it! But if you apply it properly and use colors that go nicely together, it can look really great.

    Also liquid eyeliner, I never got the hang of that stuff either :(

  • I like it but I feel overly made up unless it is very sheer and natural. To school or casual I only wear red chap stick or a natural sheer color. same for work or sometimes at work I will wear my "dress up" color which is really just a neutral slightly red tinted nude that darkens my lips slightly without obvious color.

    I like red lips a lot but do not feel that I can pull them off in most places and I prefer to be natural so if I do wear red lips I don't go too heavy.

    I don't like bright or even light pinks. I prefer neutral tints that can have a tinge of pink or peach or red but not so much that they look a color rather than a neutral. But I don't tmost pinks look good on me.

    I don't think guys care, from what they have told me they don't like bright lips.

    I like all make up. But I don't love eyeshadow on myself, unless I want a heavy look, and I hate the heavy look on myself, feels too much, but I know that it looks nicer for photos or a dressy occasion.

    I feel best in liner (thin and dark brown), a generous swipe of a good mascara (love maybelline falsies flared), plus I fill in my brows for extra definition, and make sure my under eye circles are covered. But I hate the foundation so I rarely ever use it. As I said, I like to be natural, I just play up my eyes without looking greedily made up. Understated while subtly playing up one feature is best.

  • I hate false lashes, they're just fake and too much for me.

    I love lip colors like pretty pinks and corals but I'm always too lazy/indecisive to wear any. Red can look really good but most of the time it looks bad on girls.

  • I only like nudes and natural looking pinks but I hate reds, purples, and bright pinks. I'm on the fence about colors like coral because I find that they look good on Asian skintones but not really anyone else. The cosmetic I really hate other than bright lip colors would have to be eyeshadow. I think eyeshadow looks more fake than even blush, bronzer, and foundation.

  • I love foundation, I think it looks natural and gives a polished look without hiding who you are

    I hate mascara and refuse to wear it

    • Mascara? why? I wear mascara if anything besides lip gloss? Do you hate the crab eyes some chic get?

    • No, it's just that because my lashes suck, I have developed a hatred towards mascara since they don't do anything for me. I just use falsies

    • I can understand that my sister has diva lashes and I have to use two diff kinds to get a decent length to mine. !

  • I don't like fake eyelashes. Foundation can look good, if you do it right. you shouldn't be looking fake. ahah.

    Im into lipsticks lately and I wear cherry, dazzling plum, and mauve.