Belly button piercing?

I got my belly button pierced yesterday. The equipment came out of new packages, all of it and the piercer wore gloves. Everything was clean. He did a nice job. But, when I came home I realized he didn't pierce it through my bellybutton, just through the skin right above it. What should I do about it?

Also, it hurts quite a bit today. It is my 2nd day, so this is normal - right? Also if anyone has any tips about how to keep it clean and make it heal nicely - let me know. Thank you.


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  • The piercer did it perfectly. That's exactly where the jewelry should be placed. Pain is normal. Wash it twice a day with soap and water, other than that don't touch it. Once a day for 8-10 days dilute sea salt in warm water, dip a cotton ball in it, hold it on the peircing for 4-6 minutes. And never put peroxide or alcohol on it, those are way too harsh.


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  • just keep washing the wound every so often really. keep a antiseptic bandage on it. and just keep an eye on it so doesn't get infected. if gets infected go and see an doctor immediately. how could he have done a nice job if it didn't go all the through. it will hurt for a few days. if doesn't get better within 2 weeks, which is the general rule for anything that doesn't heal, go to the doctors asap.

    • i made a statement in there. which you might not like,dont take any notice of it. keep an eye on it, so doesn't get infected.

    • thats OK - thank you .

  • A navel piercing doesn't actually go THROUGH your navel. I'm amazed that you got a piercing of that nature without actually having a clue what it really was.

    And yes, the pain is normal.

  • nothing screams "AMERICAN WHORE" like belly-button piercings...

    • Too bad I'm not American ;) Nothing screams "p****" like being anonymous .

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  • A belly button piercing is usually done above or below the actual belly button. Just leave the piercing as it is and clean it the same way the piercer told you. They did the piercing correctly. Pain is normal, especially if it catches on something. If caught, some bleeding or goo might occur. That is also normal. Even if you don't remember hitting it, the slightest movement can cause it to bleed or be gooey. Just clean it up.

    You can use a saline solution on the piercing, or a gentle anti-bacterial soap. Don't clean it more than 2 times a day or else it will prevent it from healing. Also don't play with it, that can cause irritation and infection.

    Once it's healed, if you have to wear dress pants or something that will be touching the piercing, you can put tape or a band aid over top of the piercing. This will prevent it from getting moved. ONLY do this once it is healed. Don't cover it before that or it won't heal properly.