What Guys Wear to Parties?

Do girls ever really pay attention to what guys are wearing at parties and in clubs?

I attend a very large university, and go to a few of the parties around campus. I notice that almost every single guy is just wearing jeans and a tee (or more commonly a jersey of some sort); some of the more "preppy" guys with polos; "poppin' colla's" and what not.

Despite the fact that all the guys end up wearing the same stuff that they wear during the normal day it takes a bunch of them hours to get ready...

I really just wonder if you girls care, or even notice, that guys take additional time and effort to get ready for these things.


I am not looking for tips as to what I should wear; I am fairly confident with myself and my attire. I am simply asking if girls even notice the extra effort that some guys put into getting ready for parties.


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  • At a party it doesn't really matter as long as its clean. A guy who is wearing a polo or a button up shirt is sexier but its definitely not a deal breaker between the two.

    At a club, yes it matters a lot more. If you're in jeans and tee shirt or in any outfit that isn't dressy, then you look messy in a club to me. Everyone is dressed up.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I notice a guy with good style. I'm a fan of the " preppy " look I guess - but not all the way.

    Mix between that and more of the hip hop style.

    It's definitely a turn on but if he's rocking a tee or a jersey - that's fine too.

  • at parties I have been to, guys just wear regular tshirts and jeans. lol

    • That is my point; when girls take the time to get all dolled up everyone notices, but these guys (who are wearing normal clothing) often times seem to go through an hour long getting ready session as well. I was wondering if anyone picked up on that, and from you response I am thinking no.

What Guys Said 2

  • Look like a fun guy don't buy in to the cookie cutter bs and don't look like a prude square, also some guys peacock the fck out and they look like dipshts. Be original, convey that originality, convey adventure, convey that you are devout practitioner of the time proven philosophy of not giving a fck. Forget trends they are for losers who have no sense of their own identity. Show that you are different, style is an expression and a very pwerful one at that.

  • I dress to the action that will be going on at the party. Like a dance I wear loose but comfortable shorts and a sleeveless shirt. So really I just dress comfortable.