Guys what do you think of BIG boobs, girls what sizes are you ?

I guess its a silly question, but mine are overly big. Guys constantly stare at them. Wish I could hide them lol. I get conscious a lot of the time :/ I feel a bit violated. Its not all good as they weigh me down. I've never had surgery but my size is 32FF. I only found out when I was eighteen. So for two years I was wearing a C bra. Wondering why my boobs were popping out. It also is a rare size, so now I have to pay a lot for a bra and I have to go to an actual lingerie store, rather than shop in clothes shops and see what pretty bras are out :( anyway what's the fascination lol. Girls do any of you have this problem?


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  • Teen age boys are all about checking out the boobies. I was totally into large chested women until I got to understand the problems that came along with the girls having them - the same ones you are experiencing. My first girlfriend was 36E before she had kids, then it got really outrageous. My second girlfriend was 38DD in a 5-4 body. Besides the constant sore backs, not being able to run comfortably, having a hard time with finding clothes and bras that fit and/or looked good, I also had to spend a lot of time staring down guys that were staring at their chests, dealing with people hitting on them CONSTANTLY when I wasn't around (and sometimes when I was), uncomfortable sleeping positions, etc. etc. I totally understand the feeling violated thing, and if I were insecure I don't think I could have handled all the attention the ladies got.

    Mind you, I did get to have my fun playing with them, doing stuff guys like to do that you can't do to/with small breasts.

    Now my preference is for A/B cups, but breasts and breast size on a woman are pretty far down my list for things I consider when dating a woman (though I still check them out quite a bit). Large natural breasts are pleasant to see, but I hate when I see 'fake' boobies.

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      True lol. Yeah same fake boobies ugh. I have no probs with clothes just keeping them covered and finding bras.