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Guys what do you think of BIG boobs, girls what sizes are you ?

I guess its a silly question, but mine are overly big. Guys constantly stare at them. Wish I could hide them lol. I get conscious a lot of the time... Show More

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  • Teen age boys are all about checking out the boobies. I was totally into large chested women until I got to understand the problems that came along with the girls having them - the same ones you are experiencing. My first girlfriend was 36E before she had kids, then it got really outrageous. My second girlfriend was 38DD in a 5-4 body. Besides the constant sore backs, not being able to run comfortably, having a hard time with finding clothes and bras that fit and/or looked good, I also had to spend a lot of time staring down guys that were staring at their chests, dealing with people hitting on them CONSTANTLY when I wasn't around (and sometimes when I was), uncomfortable sleeping positions, etc. etc. I totally understand the feeling violated thing, and if I were insecure I don't think I could have handled all the attention the ladies got.Mind you, I did get to have my fun playing with them, doing stuff guys like to do that you can't do to/with small breasts.Now my preference is for A/B cups, but breasts and breast size on a woman are pretty far down my list for things I consider when dating a woman (though I still check them out quite a bit). Large natural breasts are pleasant to see, but I hate when I see 'fake' boobies.

    • True lol. Yeah same fake boobies ugh. I have no probs with clothes just keeping them covered and finding bras.

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  • I am not sure about what number I like, but for the letter... D, or DD is my favorite.

  • It sounds 'cliche' but I like all boobs really... big boobs especially of your size are fine, still damn sexy. But I'm just curious, are they really sensitive? I heard somewhere that although it depends on the individual... the larger the boobs the more stretched the nerves are to fill the surface area so they tend to have less overall sensitivity to pleasure.?Anyway I think they are good if they do not cause you pain, the fact they are real make them much better. Embrace them

    • Aha thts not cliche lol. I would of thought many guys are the same. Thanks :). Yes very sensitive and I still get pleasure when a guy sucked them twice. Guy I dated. It does hurt my back and affects my breathing sometimes :/ other than that. I love how they look in clothes :D. Will do!

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    • I didn't receive it :/ odd

    • 0.o really? that's odd I deffinitly sent to the one you gave in mail

  • You could say I'm a fan! :P

    • I bet ;P

  • thats pretty ridiculous. I thought I had it good when my girl was 32 DD, but I don't know if I could handle FF haha

    • Aha did you :p. Guys I've dated handled them well.

  • I'd like to see these I don't believe in 32FF unless your overweight.

    • LOL I wouldn't expect a guy to know about cup sizes. I got measured in store and my waist is 32 the cup of my breasts are FF. I tried all the other sizes and my boobs were sticking out. The bras I have now are perfect fit. You don't have to believe me as I'm not going to display my boobs on here :/

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    • With a 32" chest, she isn't overweight at all. Also, cup sizes are complicated. Her boobs are very large, yes, but if she was a 36", her cup size would be DD or so. It's not like she's a cartoon character

    • Thank you. 32 waist is small. I'm petite. Not overweight at all. I'm a size eight on top. Thanks ipood.

  • They bounce, they're soft, like pudding in a bag ^_^ just awesome. Also the fact that most of the time they are concealed and off limits.

    • Boobs should not bounce unless the girls naked with you lol. Unless the girl has a useless bra. That does not support her well.

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    • The interwebz wishes it so

    • Yh :)

  • Well we can't help but stare at girls boobs. It's biology actually, our brains are programmed to look because a "suitable" mate will have large healthy breasts. We like them too

    • Yeah true :) an really. The bigger the boobs. The more suitable a women may seem for mating..?

    • Haha yeah I suppose so. It's weird to think about but we are programmed to check out different parts of your body to gauge how well you can create children. Large healthy breasts mean you will make milk, a large ass means you are healthy, and checking out your ummm... crotch I guess... is just looking at where we want to get.

    • Hmm I have a curvy bum ;) yeah I get that.

  • I like breasts if they are attached to a nice girl.

What Girls Said 13

  • 34DD

    • My sis's bra size :)

  • 32B (:

  • all this time you have been wearing a C and nobody told you that it was way too small? and no I don't have that problem I'm a 34D or a 32 DD

    • People could not tell I don't think :/ an OK kool :)

  • I'm a 34C I like it, it's not in the way when running but is also there in shirts. You must be strong carrying extra weight around.

    • Yeah I used to run fast. Puberty hit early on. I've always been well endowed front and back. I'm not strong :/

  • My best friend is the same size and has back problems because of it :(Myself, I'm something like 34DD, if I remember correctly.

    • Oh really. Its horrible :( least I'm nt the only one.

  • I'm and E and I hate it. Bras are so f***ing expensive and almost impossible to find and half the time they are old granny bras. Also, I'm kinda sporty and it is crazy hard to find sports bras that are big enough with enough support. My friend was fooling around and wearing my bra as hat the other day... :/ I have to be super careful what I wear because I can look like a total slut in a plain v-neck. I was happy at a C or D... :(

    • Yeah they are expensive and such a pain to find :/ yh sports bras would be hard to get. Aha lol reli. Same I can't wear round necks as my boobs look huge. Not gddd

    • You'll live.

    • U hv no right to say that as a 'guy' you dnt knw what its like carrying boobs around. So Ssssshhhhh

  • I am a 36C. :)

  • Wouldnt you think about a breast reduction if its making you feel a bit violated, but if your happy with them well fair be it, I would love to have big boobs ha ha I'm 19 and only a size 34 B I suppose its the perfect size for my body its in proportion but I have considered breast enlargment I feel ded insecure when I wear bikinis or low cut dresses and around my boyfriend xxxx

  • 34 B c: But I like my small boobs

  • i have no t*ts share I'm 34 a

    • Ok lol. Its not all good. Back pain is horrid.

  • I'm a 34B but for some reason they look big on my frame. I actually would not mind having a smaller size because I am very active and I bounce no matter how good the sports bra is which makes me self conscious especially when guys stare.

    • Yeah I get that :) wna b a B. Swappp

  • I'm a 34 B, 5 ft 8 and a size 8 in UK clothes :). Personally I hate my figure, everyones judgmental on skinny girls that actually gave some boobage! Think it's because I used to be extremely sporty and the figure and me burning all my calories and fat has just stayed with me from training :)

    • Sounds like a good figure to me :)

  • 34-C :)

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