Guys, do you like girls who wear baseball hats?

Guys, do you like it when girls wear baseball hats? Why or why not? I know guys and girls alike wear hats. Do you think it makes us look less feminine? Does it make a girl look like a guy?


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  • I think it does make girls seem a little less feminine, putting emphasis on the word little. It isn't that it makes you look manly, but sort of looks "out of place" only because you don't see a lot of women wearing baseball hats (at least I don't).

    That being said I don't care whether or not a girl wears baseball hats. But, if I see a girl wearing a MLB hat she does become a little more favorable in my eyes (I really like baseball). I still think about the cute girl who used to wear a Cubs hat to one of my classes in the past (*begins daydreaming*).


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  • Baseball hats are my best friend on a bad/lazy hair day lol.

    I don't wear one all the time though.

  • there are guys out there who do! I personally think it's cute!