Girls: Dyeing my hair?

First time I've done it at home. Now it is a dark ashy blond and I want it to be light and sparkly blond , just pretty blond!

Anyway, will one solid color look unnatural? I would dye my whole head, would it look bad with just one color, because right mow my hair has naturally darker/lighter areas of blonde.


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  • U can't do it in one process some people bleach it but it looks orange and is damaging so don't do it!

    • My hair is already blond, people always say this--- if its lready light lightening it more won't mke it orange.

    • O I thought you were trying to go from black to blonde..can't you use 'sun-in' or lemon juice

    • ive tried lemon juice, it needs pure sunlight when in your hair to actually take effect, and its very very subtle.

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  • From what I think, and I'm not a girl, just dyeing it one platinum blond color won't do well. Always go for natural, which means several shades.


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  • I think you could do one solid color,i don't see why it would be a problem.