Padded bra's? How can you tell?

ok, I wear bras that give you a really good cleavage,called a balcony bra if wanna c soz can't use links. so guys, how can you tell? people say they can tell when some1 is wearing

before he takes it off I mean


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  • I dont' wear heavily padded bras. And dont' even get me started on that one that you can buy for like $50 at VS. Bombshell or whatever the f*** its called. That one that is basically ALL padding. You might as well just stuff your bra with tissue if you're gonna go out and spend that much. Cause you're basically paying for the fluff.

    You can't really tell if you're out in public because it creates an illusion. Well actually, you CAN tell. Cause her boobs just looks small from the top so you know she's got them breasteses all pushed up to discrackt him. lol jk. But yeah I think you CAN tell.

    Best advice is to just not wear bras like that all the time. Cause when the guy takes it off of you he's gonna be disappointed and you don't want that. Best to just be real so he can like you for who you are. and not your illusory big boobs.


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  • well if I seen her before without wearing one and boobs don't get big or firm overnight so I would know otherwise it's hard to guess unless I touch her boobs I could feel the padding

  • Well, when your boobs are under your chin or there's a certain shape to them, you can kind of tell that it's either the bra or surgery. Most (not all) boobs naturally rest lower and aren't round at the top.

    I really don't pay THAT much attention though :P I've only noticed a couple of times. Most bras don't make it look that extreme.


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