Looking your best but still dignified at 42?

Ok, I am almost completely grey. Can't do anything about it, I'm allergic to hair dye.

On the plus side, I am very fit. I still have a 32 inch waist, which I am somewhat proud of.

So, how do I accentuate the positive, without looking like I am dressing inappropriately for my age? Tight shirts on guys haven't been popular since the 70's...so, how does a 42 year old dress to best flatter a nice physique?


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  • Don't worry about your gray hair, I think older men are sexy, I actually like gray hair. Please oh please do not wear tight shirts! They are ugly and femme on anyone! I say go to American Eagle. They have really nice clothes and I think they look good on any age. I know a lot of people your age that wear American Eagle and they look very good in it. Get some of the faded jeans. They have nice t-shirts and also polo shirts with the colars that are nice. Some long sleeve, button down, collared shirts are nice too.

    • Don't wear American Eagle at 42, you will look like you're trying to pretend that you're a teenager. If you're going to wear a polo shirt, stick to the classic polo brand. Tailored dress shirts and loose fitting black t's are also good options.

    • I know a lot of 42 year olds who wear American Eagle and they look very nice.


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  • Saw this in a fashion magazine..one outfit for men that can't go wrong is jeans, a courduary jacket/suitcoat with a button down dress shirt


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  • I would say, don't be afraid to style you hair a little, but don't go overboard. Something like this. link

    I would recommend clothes from designers like, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Claiborne, Perry Ellis, Tommy Hilfiger. Items by those designers are classy enough for a sophisticated gentlemen such as yourself, but youthful enough to still be fun and sporty. Boot cut jeans, black or brown leather shoes with a matching belt, button down shirt, classy sport coat, and a great smile, and BAM your an instant hit ;) Best luck to you. (don't be afraid to accessorize with a nice watch or a ring or ect.)

  • Dude just pull a Clooney and go natural and let nature run it's course. Well I wouldn't advise wearing those shirts that say single or you could be my gf? Yeah those are for the younger crowd, but I don't know wear polo shirts and button downs, but yeah an older guy wearing a Holister, or abercrombie t shirt just doesn't look right. If you want to compare look at what the older celebrities are wearing, now I am not saying copy exactly what they are wearing by going out and by a $2000 suit or anything, but just look at their style which mainly consists of polos and button down shirts.