What's up with a guy's shoes?

ive always been a guy who bought new jordans when they came out and had all kinds of nike and all that. one girl told me that if you got a real nice outfit and f***ed up shoes it kills it, and that a guys shoes mean a lot. what's yalls take on that?


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  • For work shoes I wear a rotation. It's a good idea. Most guys get one pair of shoes wear them every day and hope they go with everything. They don't. In a year they die. Repeat. In five years they've gone through five pairs of shoes.

    If you buy five decent pairs up front they'd last five years ... Except actually they'd last longer. Because you can polish and condition the outside, replace the soles (on well made shoes) but they eventually die from the inside out. If you don't wear them every day, they get a chance to fully dry and will last through more wearings. So five pairs of shoes will last live then five times what one pair of shoes would last.

    Basically it means in the long run having more shoes doesn't actually cost more over time but let's you adjust to what you're wearing better.

    I realize you may not be in the dress shoe world he but you might be one day. Hope that helps.

    • naw I got a lot of them in different colors so I don't were the same pair everyday therfore they last me a while but no I'm not in the dress shoe world but I do have about four pairs just in case.


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  • Oh my gosh yes! I've seen this many times, and I can honestly say it's an instant turn off. I like to dress nice and present myself well, and if a guy can't do the same, then there's a problem. Atleast wear some decent looking shoes..thats all.

  • cool shoes are a must haha

    • ok. see I was waitng for a girls response. so I guess I'm on the right track then

  • i have one thing to say to you .

    never I repeat never wear running shoes (not air jordans or like nikes, I'm talking about the sh*t pair you wear to the actually gym, that you go running in) out in the day, to any place other than the gym or for a run.

    biggest turn off. this sounds really superficial I know, but I won't date a guy who doesn't wear nice/non retarded shoes.

    call be a bitch if you want but you asked.


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  • Well you know what man, if you're gona put in the work to look fly from the ankles up, why wouldn't you want to wear shoes that are equally as fly? It's just simple logic.

    I personally own 4 pairs of shoes, which I keep clean at all times. A pair of black Timberland dress shoes, grey Vans for casual wear, Adidas Sambas for when I'm bombing hills on my longboard, and my custom Nike Lunarlites for when I'm on the court(volleyball).

    I use shoes that are appropriate for the situation that I'm in and almost never use shoes for style. Call me weird but I don't see what's so "cool" about wearing basketball shoes to the mall. No disrespect but it's just stupid to me.

    • yea that's right. but no ain't no disrespect, but I buy what I like you no. that's just me tho, because you like vans but I won't wear them at all

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    • yea you right, them things ain't got NO GRIP.

    • Unless they're dry.

  • I think this is one of those nuggets of wisdom that started in a womans magazine and some of them might use it other maybe not.

    Still I don't know why you'd be wearing Jordans with a nice outfit anyway. If you're at the gym or whatever, it's okay, but if you show up to a date with some kind of nike whatever gym shoe, forget it.

    Guys shouldn't take long to get ready, but that's no reason not to have nice stuff for the occasion.

    • naw man I don't mean I got on jordans with a button up shirt and slacks or nothing but the chick said it meaning not just on a date, just anytime. you probly right tho, she read that somewher on the cover of a magazine.hahaha

  • Only reason I bought jordans was to sell them at a profit. I can't justify 200 bucks for sneakers. Shoes? Yeah that's understandable. I wear my converse and call it a day.

    • yea I guess it is a little outragious. I didn't pay 200 for all of them but your right with the high ass price for them.

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    • Nah, I used to on ISS but I got rid of most my kicks. The ones I have right now I want to save for a few more years until I sell.

    • oh. OK. well preciate you putting in your thoughts and e way.

  • It's very true that bad shoes with an otherwise great look can kill the overall image. It gives the impression of a deliberate ignoring of attention to detail, and a rather simple one at that.