Summer attraction! What attracts you?

Hey, its Jasmine. And here's the its summer! The time of ''hot'' weather and even hotter clothing. And I've recently heard or noticed that a lot guys are attracted to girls wearing neon or really bright clothing. Does this instantly make them look more attractive and beautiful and show off their tan? Does it make us seem more confident. I'm wearing a bright yellow dress to a school dance. Would this be more attractive as opposed to a regular yellow color. If so, then why. I would really like your own honest opinion. Thanks :)


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  • I suppose it makes you stand out more initially, but I'm not really into girls wearing neon. Whatever floats your boat. Summertime? You must be in Miami or something, it's still almost freezing where I am :(


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  • Short shorts are hot, and maybe short dresses but not too exposing you're too young and I'm not sure what is considered exposing in your community

    Good luck :) hope it was a good advice.

    • Alright! And do you consider bright colors as more attractive and eye catching on a girl?

  • Bright colors are nice, but I don't really like the neon clothing, it's a little to bright for me.

  • Neons attract the eye only because of the bright colors and stark contrast from everything else. Apart from that they aren't that attractive, and neons are more of a teenager thing. So that would not interest me. Also, I think that a little skin is OK, but too much can make you look slutty.

    • Ok, thanks! Yeaa lol I am a teenager.

    • OK, but just so you know, if you wear too much of that loud bright stuff, you're going to look back on it in about 5 years and ask yourself "what the hell was I thinking".

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