How to make myself look older?

Might sound like a rant because I'm a bit frustrated but how do I make myself look older? I've got 3 years to go until I hit 30 and people think I'm still 18 in which girls near my age don't speak nor really say anything because they think I'm just a kid still.

I tried to grow my facial hair however it does not connect the way I wanted to.. In the end it just has me getting more frustrated over the whole thing.

I got a bit depressed today and ended up shaving off my mustache.. the good thing is no one really noticed.


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  • Forget about it! Embrase your youthful looks! Who in their right mind wants to look old? You will be so thankful for this one day...and soon. Trust me!

    Welcome to my world...I love, love, love it!

    • Yeah I know I heard this a lot but so many women just look for like one second and see you look young and move on.

      I remember telling this one women last year my age and her jaw about hit the floor.

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    • Hey! Thanks for B.A... Can I get a Masters too? lol

    • haha no problem :)


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  • Dress really sharp

    • I tried that before I never really noticed much other then like 40+ year older people saying I look nice.. I ended up throwing out all my suits but one since I outgrew them.

    • maybe you looked young because you were still growing? lol get a rolex. those are for big boys XD

    • lol I haven't grown in awhile.. I'm 5' 9" and 125 Lb so I'm not overweight or anything lol

  • I bet you look better without it. :D I don't really like mustaches..."food catchers."

    • lol well it never really comes in thick anyways.. in my profile picture which is like from 2006 (I still look the same) you can just barely see it.

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    • Were you buying p*rn AGAIN? lol

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  • Start smoking. Helps grow wrinkles.

  • Dye your hair grey, perhaps?

    • I'm not kidding at all but when I let my hair grow out I have people who walk past me or look at my head ALWAYS friken point out that I have gray hair or.. A lot of grey hair so I just keep it cut short now because it got annoying.

    • No way? Well, I've heard that spending a lot of time in the sun can make your skin age faster ^^' there ain't anything else I know of, I'm afraid.

      I still look like I'm 18, but I'm just going to endure it and reap the rewards when I'm older, and looking younger than I am will be a good thing xD

    • I don't spend too much time out in the sun however I'm careful to put on my sunscreen when I do work outside. Everyone talks about some reward for looking younger when you get older but what reward is that? I'm sure it's WAY better for women then it is guys when you get older and still looking young.