How to get rid of dark circles under my eyes?

I have dark circles under my eyes my make up covers them but I would love to wear less make up the rest of my skin is lovely just these dark circles I have tried everything cucumbers, garnier eye roll on, eye cream , olay , there not puffy circles just dark how do I get rid of these ? Xx I do get a lot of sleep too


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  • go for eye bag laser ?

    i use concealer thou :/


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  • The only thing I've heard of making a significant difference is vitamin k. However Canada has made it really hard to get, so I can't comment. I also haven't looked into why they seem to think its dangerous here - vitamin k based creams are available in the u.s.

  • I don't know. I have the same problem and have had them for 30 years

    • That's cause you've been stinking drunk for 30 years!

    • How dare you it has only been 25 years of being drunk!

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  • vitamin e is your friend.

    • Thanks that's what I'm using at the minute the boots eyecreme vitiman e how often should I use it. X

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    • and I mean you should consume vitamin e pills.

    • Ohh right okay thanks ill deffinatley do that x