Hot cashiers at grocery stores?

when ever I go to the grocery store or shopping in general..I get kind of self conscious of what I'm buying lol..I also tend to pick the ugly cashier over the Hot one..Like if the uglier cashier line is obviously longer I will go to the hot guys Line..So it doesn't seem like I'm trying to avoid him or whatever lol..

I went grocery store shopping tonight and I owed my brother for a favor...So I bought his favorite type of pizza with a big bag of shredded cheese ..I went to go pay for it and all the people working their were super hot and fit looking and I'm not really fat or anything , but I was thinking I'm going to look like fatso or something or when I have to buy tampons so embarrassing and sometimes I get really shy and nervous at check out..Not all the time just depends on who is the cashier lol , but not always lol but anyone else ever feel this way or Am I just crazy lol


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  • haha

    tell me about it.

    i get so embarrassed to do my shopping.

    im even embarrassed to shop for underwear or bras where there are men cashiers.

    i was thinking of sending someone to buy that stuff for me but they don't want to :/

    i usually go to the women cashiers. they understand why I buy stuff :D

    or when I buy food I get so embarrassed as well. one day I went to buy food for my coworkers and as I was ordering, one of the cute cooks stopped what he was doing to look at me as I gave my big order. omg I got so embarrassed I never went back. haha

    • haha I forgot about the bras lol it can be kinda awkward ha ha totally understand you sound like me lol

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  • Lol totally not crazy! We're girls so you do worry about how we look especially when we know the person viewing us is attractive. Happens all the time with me too ahha

  • Trust me, those cashiers don't give a damn what you buy, sometimes they don't even look at their customers.

  • So, I had a crush on this guy cashier at the grocery store. And I had to get tampons, and I walk in the garden center and Booom! He's the only cashier there. And I look down and I'm like "oh crap, I have tampons." and well I get in line and while he checks out the guy in front of me he keeps "sneaking glances" at me. And I smile. And I put my stuff up on the counter, and I'm just so embarrassed, and he grabs the tampons...While he scans them, his eyes get kinda big and then he smiles at me. Haha! And he checks me out, and all... That was so embarrassing!

  • Normally they don't even pay attention to what is being bought.. and besides, tampons is a normal thing. Don't get stressed out about it... guys totally know we use them!

    • yeah I don't really get stressed about that's not the right word for it lol Its hard to explain I know its silly lol