Is this a normal thing?

I am happily married (for 7 years), 3 kids, in a great place in our lives. My husband has this friend, that I don't see very often, that I find very attractive. He is married and I am friends with his wife. I would NEVER cheat on my husband and have no desire to. This guys is just very good looking. So is it normal to find others attractive when in a happily committed relationship?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Of course its normal to feel attraction to someone else. It's human nature to look at other potential partners even after committing to someone and having a fulfilling relationship. If you didn't look every now and then I would say there is something wrong with your relationship. As long as your truly sure you have no interest in infidelity then I would say you have nothing to worry about. Hope that helps you feel better!


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  • Of course it is. Just because we're committed doesn't mean we're dead ;o) Guys still check out gals too when they are in a relationship. As long as it's just admiring, then you are doing nothing wrong. It's when people take action emotionally or physically, that you have crossed the line.