She's My Type Physically, but is she really my type totally

I have a friend I have had a long time attraction to. We hit it off sexually, we laugh when were together , but she can be a little strange. We stopped seeing each other months ago, and she disconnected me as a FB friend. So I'm cool with it, z couple months go by she starts calling and texting, wanting to come by. She scolds me for not asking her out, I wait a week ask her out to the movies and she turns me down saying I wasn't being genuine, because it after the fact that she jammed me up. so I ask what's the deal?


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What Girls Said 1

  • It's hard to say - it sounds like she likes you - she obviously had some time to think about it and maybe was going through a difficult time when she defriended you from FB and perhaps now she feels she is ready to start things up again. I'm not sure why she turned you down about the movies - perhaps she thinks you just asked her bxse she complained that you didn;t. So do something extravagant if you like her and just be honest with her if she continues to be a little 'strange' - tell her that you are confused about her behavior and tell her how you feel about her - that way you know where you both stand and won't get hurt in the long term.


What Guys Said 1

  • She's either playing hard to get or treating you like a booty call. If you like her, just tell her that you're not into games. Ask her out again, and if she rejects you, let her know that you are done.