See through leggings (!?)

Last fall I was in England and saw this on at least 5 girls in a week, wearing leggings so thin you could clearly see the panties underneath. I have never seen it at home but they say that what's new in England will soon reach the rest of Europe.

Is the see through leggings the new thing or what? Why would you wear that? Is it because you think it looks good or is it just to show off?

Most Helpful Guy

  • Haha, there's a lot of styles here. It depends where you were in England too really. I don't see what you describe often.. I have seen it before though. I also hear that what's new in england expression alot, but clearly there are things here which are not so desirable lol. Where about was this?

    • Manchester.

    • Ahh...that's not far from me, like 40 miles lol. Well you get all sorts up there, most of which don't become a trend (hopefully).

    • This girl there was talking real prod of Manchester as a trend-setter. =)