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See through leggings (!?)

Last fall I was in England and saw this on at least 5 girls in a week, wearing leggings so thin you could clearly see the panties underneath. I have... Show More

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  • Haha, there's a lot of styles here. It depends where you were in England too really. I don't see what you describe often.. I have seen it before though. I also hear that what's new in england expression alot, but clearly there are things here which are not so desirable lol. Where about was this?

    • Manchester.

    • Ahh...that's not far from me, like 40 miles lol. Well you get all sorts up there, most of which don't become a trend (hopefully).

    • This girl there was talking real prod of Manchester as a trend-setter. =)

What Guys Said 6

  • Wow really? where was it, I live in England and only tend to see black leggings or the ones with patterns on

  • i've seen girls wearing those see through leggings here in california. its very attractive

  • Hmmm, I'm from London and I have seen that before but ususally girls wear a short skirt or denim super short shorts (don't know what the name for that is) on top. Just today on the train I wa sitting next to a girl who was wearing see through leggings so thin (might have been thin tights) that I could see her legs. Not to mention her thighs were on show and all. So I'm sure you would be able to see her panties through them.

    • That's not what I'm talking about. I mean wearing leggings like pants with nothing to cover the ass.

    • Yes I know.

  • Girls wear see through stuff and show off their panties when they are trying to get attention. A girl did that a few weeks ago with a see through white skirt and a black thong trying to get catch my eye. What else attention attention attention. =P

  • do you have a link to show ?

    i have seen this too but I just want to see it again.

What Girls Said 8

  • Id wear them as leggings not pants

  • Its not new they're called tights or sheer leggings like what women with pencil skirts were as business attire and they were b4 leggings

  • they might as well walk around in their underwear lol.

  • Ive seen it a little in Sweden, but its not that common. Usually it occurs with a long jacket or shirt to hide the panties and butt but I have seen girls wearing normal tops with a thong underneath (not so classy).

  • I like the ones with designs like lace roses

  • well see through leggings are okay if you wear them with an oversized shirt/cardigan !

  • thats attention-whore-ish and I doubt this will be a trend.

    • Several have been seen walking around like that though. But yeah, it should just be some girls using the leggings trend to show off a bit more than they usually get to.

  • i think it looks stupid! it isn't hot like showing the right amount of cleavage. it just looks dumb and tasteless!

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