Do you prefer men with a certain type of style?

Do you like guys with a certain type of dress? How would you describe it?


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  • Honestly, I don't think it matters as long as you like what you're wearing. Just wear clean clothing, and make sure it fits you correctly.

  • No, just wear what you feel comfortable in.

  • i tend to like a simple yet trendy hip hop style. polos & levi 501s. I like when they wear bright colors too

  • no I don't have a preference.

    well, I do. I like nerdy guys. (so adorable.)

    but I like other type of guys too like, cowboy men (I really do.), preppy(my least favorite but not a disqualification), and any other guys.

    i don't care about how they dress as long as they look good. but I definetely do not like those guys who sag and show their gross underwear, or are overly trendy.


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  • It does not matter as long as you look like you give somewhat of a damn. In college some guys (and girls) may not have the most hygienic routines thus when some of my buddies come ask me why they aren't getting any girls I give them a shpeal about hos girls are attracted to scents and how you should look clean and smell good. If that does not work then I tell them to take a shower and wear some deodorant. I think hygiene is someones make it or break it.

    I can be a pretty snazzy dresser, I like appearing nice so I do get some attention. I mean I had a girlfriend who was goth and usually you'd expect them to go for guys with a goth style but she liked me enough to date me so that says something.