Prep Style: North vs. South & USA vs. Britain if there are British users?

Recently I met a friend who is from a very different part of the United States than me. It didn't take long to realize the style associated with the prep lifestyle varies greatly in our separate parts of the country. Without telling you where I am from and where she is from, can you explain what are certain "must-have" clothes for a prep in your portion of the country and how the prep lifestyle is defined as well.

If there are British users, I would love your opinion on a British prep vs. an American prep. I've lived in South Kensington - London before and realized the term is not used as losely as it is in America. If you can describe your "must have" clothing and lifestyle style I would appreciate that as well!


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  • I am from the southern part of the united states. from my perspective, I would see the prep kids wearing: Vera Bradley, Ralph Lauren Polo, Abercrombie & Fitch, Sperrys. a lot of khakis, pastel colors they tend to not be really flashy and dress very simple yet formal, kind of boring & math teacherish in my opinion but some of their stuff can be cute