Guys would you date a girl that has tattoos?

I'm planning to get a tattoo nothing dirty...It's basically going to be on my upper back and just flowers, but I was wondering what guys think of a girl that has tattoos? Would that be a reason to not date a girl? Do you guys find it sexy or dirty? Just curious.


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  • Sure, I like tattoos.

    However. I dislike tattoos on the lower back (tramp stamp), ankle tattoos, Chinese characters, and tattoos that look like they were picked off the wall at the shop. Tattoos should be unique, and have some sort of personal meaning.


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  • F*** no, I find it nasty looking and prefer girls untainted

    • I'll bet you're a total blast to be around.

    • LOL

    • because I don't like girls with tattoos? how dumb is that

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  • I personally have a tattoo on my right shoulder blade and guys I have talked to find it to be cool...some seem to find that its really hot for a girl to have a tattoo. But not the cliche tattoos, those can just look tacky. Good luck with your tattoo!