Really tall sexy women? I am talking NBA tall......

I went to my first collegiate volleyball game today! It was a Women's game. I was there to see a friend perform at half time.

There was a little program included that stated the players names, academic year, number and height. It also had photos!

There were heights like 6 foot 4 and 6 foot 6! Mostly just around 6 feet though.

Some of the girls were really hot, including the two extremely tall women. You could tell on the court and especially in the photos.

So guys, how do you feel about a fit attractive women who is 6 foot 6?

And are there any tall ladies representing GAG that care to comment?


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  • I'd go for a woman that tall. I'm 6'3", but if she's beautiful, I'd get over the height difference pretty quickly.


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  • I'm 5'10 and still growing :/. I think its kind of strange when their is a huge height difference.. but I have only met a few guys I would consider going out with that are my height or taller...


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  • I'm 6'3 and from my experience I really don't mind girls around my height who are attractive. I don't see them much differently than a girl of more average height. But taller than me is sort of strange. I can't remember seeing a girl taller than me that I found attractive, but it's pretty rare that a girl is taller than me.

    • Go to a collegiate volleyball game, and I am pretty sure you will find a hot girl as tall or taller than you!

  • i find tall women very attractive as well too