Are yoga shorts inappropriate for working out?

Do you think it's inappropriate to work out, in public, with yoga shorts?

I'm 5'2 1/2 117 lbs so I'm not the "thinnest" ha ha and I know girls who aren't thin who wear things like that are labeled slutty

My legs are a more muscular/less fat and a bit smaller than these


but I'm pretty small, so I'm of a smaller frame I suppose





I typically wear these:


Or yoga pants

Are they "inappropriate" and perhaps should only be worn inside the house? Or do you think it'd be OK to wear them when running outside? I don't wanna look sleazy or something -_-

This is totally random but I admire this body



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  • They're fine. I wear running crops when I run because I don't like the feeling of loose shorts or pants. If you have an ass or aren't a toothpick, men WILL stare, but then again they;ll stare at just about anything. As long as they aren't see through, or you can't see the outline of your thong through them, I don't see anything wrong with yoga shorts.

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