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Are yoga shorts inappropriate for working out?

Do you think it's inappropriate to work out, in public, with yoga shorts? I'm 5'2 1/2 117 lbs so I'm not the "thinnest" ha ha and I know girls who... Show More

This is totally random but I admire this body

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  • They're fine. I wear running crops when I run because I don't like the feeling of loose shorts or pants. If you have an ass or aren't a toothpick, men WILL stare, but then again they;ll stare at just about anything. As long as they aren't see through, or you can't see the outline of your thong through them, I don't see anything wrong with yoga shorts.

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What Guys Said 9

  • Since yoga is a type of workout, yeah. I would think that yoga anything is appropriate for worked it's.

    • Worked it's=workout. Phone autocorrect. Sorry

    • even outside running?

    • Yup

  • i think you should workout with what ever you are comfortable inthough I won't lie I will be taking a peak every now and then since lets face it gym isn't exactly the nicest place to be (way too many guys)

  • Isn't that what you are supposed to wear while working out?

    • Is it? lolI've just been wearing regular soffe shorts :O

  • Yeah, everyone wears these now. One of the great inventions of modern man if you ask me. Also, thank you for posting these links.

    • which ones are you particularly fond of...?cause the soffe models could very well be underage -_-

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    • I'd totally kill for her legs though!

    • You're right. Didn't notice that at first. They are some nice legs though (no pedo).

  • Please do wear them running outside. Old men like me, LOVE to see you in them. Don't worry, I will be a gentleman... I don't say anything, I just like the fact that you make me happy to be a man. I just smile...

    • dotdotdotquestionmarkwhat I'm afraid of LOL

    • Nothing to be afraid of, Mlle. I was in the Airmobile (101st). I know how to treat a Lady. I am not some borish pig, like our enemies...

  • I wear Lycra shorts in my yoga classes, but sometimes I get an erection...How embarrassing =-) I thinks it's fine, because they feel the best while doing yoga.

  • They should be fine for working out. That's what girls I know wear to work out. Also you sound like you are in really good shape and not too big or anything. So ya you should wear them. I bet you look good in them.

  • i think they look fine.

  • Men are going to look, it's a fact of life. Go out and be proud of you body. Wear what you want!

What Girls Said 2

  • yoga pants are for working out, so no they wouldn't be inappropriate.btw @ 117lbs you are thin.

    • Well it's 100 lbs for the first 60 inches, 5 for every inch afterwards...so technically I could afford to lose weight, but any fat I have is in the boob area -.-my legs are muscular and my midsection is flat for the most part, but boobs

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