Should I get my ears pierced?

with a needle at a tattoo shop or go to claire's and let them use the gun on me?

I have my cartilage already, got it done at walmart with a gun (stupid I know) I noticed it was having trouble healing and would often get bumps next to the hole, it would bleed and have pus.

i want to get my lobes pierced again so would it make a difference if I used a gun or needle?

is a needle more painful?

does it heal faster getting it done with a needle?

which do you prefer?


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  • Get it done with a needle, I wouldn't touch a place that does it with a gun! I have 11 piercings, two of which are my first lobes, I had them done with a gun and I remember it being painful and sore for ages and ages. I got my second lobes done about 4 years ago now and they were done with a needle and they healed so much better. The earrings move around much smoother as there was a hole made rather than with the gun ones which just punch straight though. Its slightly more painful but most definitely worth it and way less likely to go wrong as the gun can go off wrong. With my first ones, it didn't work right on one of my ears and it only went half way through and I ended up with an infection in the failed hole.


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  • Why do you want them pierced..?

    If you get infections when you get your ears pierced, then don't get them pierced.

  • for things like that I think you should get it done by a professional who pierces ears


What Girls Said 2

  • I would go to someone at the tattoo shop. Get someone who has been doing this for years and years who is going to be able to give you the right information and give you access to hypoallergenic jewelry if you need it.

    I'm not positive on which type heals faster- gun or needle, but the piercings I've gotten done at tattoo shops have stayed healthy.

    Another upside to getting it done at the tattoo shop is that you have your "guy" that you go and see if you want more done, and if you need anymore help you have someone to go and see.

  • I have double piercings in my ears, they were done with a gun and turned out fine. Just make sure you clean them properly. I think that any piercing that isn't the lobe of ears should be done with a needle.