When a girl is taller than the guy?

what do you think in general of the idea where the girl is taller than the guy ?

girls ; did you ever fall for a guy that is slightly shorter than yourself / guys ; did you ever fall for a girl that is taller than you?

what are the problems actually ? is it only culturally/society based?

does it feel awkward for you girls when you are with a man that is smaller than you ?

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  • Well yeah I have fallen for a guy shorter than I am, but It's totally fine with me. cause he turned to have such an extraordinary personality. No, It doesn't feel awkward.

    Let me put things clear, whoever care about appearance are fake people (I don't mean you)

    They judge by appearance, how you look, what you wear, etc etc etc.

    To be honest, this is bullsh*t. So If you've fallen for a girl that's taller than you are, and she cares about that. then notice that she's a silly person to think of that.

    If you really love her, then I think you should keep up with that and look good.

    cause people judge people with appearance, that's why you have to take care of that.

    • I might make this a question in it's self but could I start saying "short guys have more passion/personality"?

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    • :D you are totally correct :p


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What Girls Said 4

  • Once, I had this huge crush on a guy who was a few inches shorter than me. I'm not even tall... I'm 5'5" haha. he was just super short. I liked him for his personality. But for the most part, it *is* kinda awkward when the guy is shorter. Girls like guys who can "protect" them, and if it feels like you're protecting him, it feels a little strange.

    But this comes from a girl who generally likes really huge, built football players. Not all girls will be like me.

    • yeah , I understand what you say :) it's psychological stuff. we'll I am 5'8" and a kickbox fighter so I don't need a taller girl to protect me , but I can see what you mean =)

  • Well I don't know how, but my mom married my dad who is two inches shorter.

    Personally, my guy MUST be taller than me, even when I'm in my 6 inch heels.

  • I've done it, and it just doesn't feel right.

    • aww. makes me sad. are you sure it was the height and not his personality?

      I'm 5'1 so this kind of thing get's me thinking.

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    • yeah , it's like yo usay , I think a lot of people think it's weird and even get angry or funny about it. It's uncommon , like being gay , and therefore people give you crap. such nonsense. I also think lot's of people just don't spend time getting to know shorter guys

    • aww. that's garbage that other people gave you crap about it. as long as you both are happy what others think should not matter. that's true short people can be spotted easy but I try to dress so I blend in more but if I'm in the mood I do ware flashy cloths.

      lol people around and over 7ft tall stand out too ><

  • My boyfriend isn't shorter than me, but he's only a few inches taller.

    I love wearing wedge heels and boots, and I'm taller than him every time. I don't mind though. Haha


What Guys Said 4

  • almost all girls are taller than me so yes I do feel attracted to taller girls. I've only dated one girl that was taller than me but it was an online relationship so height didn't matter, but I wouldn't mind dating a tall girl in real life either.

    I'm 5'1 so that might help you understand my response better.

    • How do you date a girl online and only online?

      I've heard of meeting someone through online means, but you leave the online thing behind and hang out in person. But you're not talking about something like that are you?

    • we met through an online forms somewhere. started talking and really enjoyed conversations with each other. so we became BF/GF and went on webcam chatting and other stuff a guy and girl can do together. I don't want to go into detail but it was a good relationship while it lasted and we remained friends after we broke up.

  • it wouldn't be an issue for me , be kind of sexy if she was tall and had nice legs

  • lol at women voting C. Idiots. And I say women cause atm it's only women. I hate shallow people and I swear women are FAR more shallow when it comes to things a person has no control over (where as guys are more shallow over what can be controlled usually). At least so I've seen. not sure which is worse though. Both are stupid.

  • To be honest...I kinda like it. I've never been in that kind of relationship where the girl is taller than me but I would like to, if anything just to experience it.