Lipstick that won't come off with a kiss?

I love wearing red lipstick but it comes off so easily and I don't want to get it all over my boyfriend's face...Does anyone know any lipstick brands that don't come off? Preferably drugstore ones?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Most lipstains are better as 'kissproof' than lipsticks. Most brands do them now, and they're just as pigmented as lipstick; you can get them in matt finish or ones with a more gloss finish too. Revlon do a good one.

    If you want to stick to lipstick - the key is pretty much in the application - as with any make-up. Make sure you have properly exfoliated lips which are dry. Some people swear by a base coat of foundation or powder - but I don't bother and have never had any issues.

    You can buy a kiss-proof kind of sealer, lipcoat, which is a balm you put over the color which locks it into place.