Long hair vs. short hair, opinions?

I was going to grow my hair out long but I found a way to curl my hair without a curler that, if my hair was shorter, I could style easily into a cute retro vintage bob thing


like this but my hairs brown.

now I go to an all girl school and when your surrounded by that much femininity you want to be a part of it so pretty much 95% of the girls at my school have long hair, besides a few incoming freshman that didn't get the memo, I can think of about 4 girls with shoulder length hair and 7 girls with pixie cuts (mostly seniors) and this is a fairly large school. So when I see the girls with short hair I do kind of admire them for going against the crowd and because I love short hair, but I think I look sexier with long hair. I look more cute than I do sexy with short hair but even with long hair I feel like I give off a cute vibe. So I want to get this hair cut cause I looooove vintage style and my hair is around shoulder length so its only a few inches shorter but part of me still wants long hair. I go over thing in my mind and I think "yeah! I'm going to cut it shorter!" but then I see a girl with long hair and I'm like "...Your hair is pretty." and then I want long hair. I feel more original with short hair and I think if its a haircut I actually have to style I will put in the effort to do other things too like a little makeup and accessories and cute shoes and whatnot (we have a school uniform) (and we're right next to an all boy school and have a few co-ed classes with them so its not like I'm primping for nothing) but when I have long hair and rarely see guys I'll probably just get lazy and throw it in a bun or ponytail every other day, and I feel like I'm falling into peer pressure cause everyone has long hair


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  • For girls long hair always look better than short hair.

  • Long hair


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