Do you think crop tops are hot on girls with flat stomachs?

I've been working really hard to get in shape. I've noticed my stomach getting flatter as I go. It's not completely flat yet but hopefully it will be by summer.

Once it finally is flat, I want to get a crop top. Do you think those look good? Or is a crop top and shorts too revealing? I don't want to give off the wrong impression.


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  • I'm somewhat biased since a girls stomach is one of my favorite things about her. I love love love a girl with a toned and flat tummy. That being said you still have to be classy about it and not slutty. (see below):

    Good - link

    Bad (slutty) - link

    Yes having shirts with vulgar sayings and having your bra and panties sticking out is not hot, especially if its obnoxious colors like hot pink or leopard print. That kind of stuff is only hot when seen in the bedroom.

    • Totally agree

    • I like that "bad" one waaaay better than the "good" one

    • Konnour she is nice to look at for sure, but that's about all I would do with a girl looking like that. I def wouldn't date her or bring her home to mom. I'm not even sure I would have sex with her for fear of getting and STD or left over man, from the other 30 guys she's slept with lol.


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  • It doesn't look unattractive at all but unless you have some kind of tummy definition going on, maybe some light abs, I wouldn't call it hot either.


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  • I agree with Kholland65. You can do it so that it looks cute and stylish, rather than over the top and trashy.

    I'd suggest that you only do it with high waisted shorts (or skirt, or hipster pants) just so it doesn't look like heaps of skin is showing. link link

    Because I think that even with a flat stomach, this doesn't look very good: link link


  • I have a pretty toned stomach and I have a natural tan most of the year. I love days when I tie my hair back in a pony, put on a baseball hat with my pony through the back, a pair of sweatpants, sneakers, and a short sleeve baggy crop that shows my bellybutton. Errand day. No make up. It's a playful look, not trashy.

  • To be honest I'd stay away from crop tops no matter how good your body is because they make women look really out of proportion and they are really tacky.