hould I just use concealer on certain spots under my eyes and then powder all over the rest?

Hi, I have auburn hair, greenish brown eyes, I think I'm warm toned but I don't know for sure because my skin is kind of yellowy and I have freckles. I used to hate them but now I like them but I'm having a hard time trying top find the right makeup, I warm my skin tone to be more even but I want my freckles to show through also. Should I just use concealer on certain spots under my eyes and then powder all over the rest? I've tried tinted moisturizer and sheer foundations and stuff like that but it still doesn't seem to even my skin tone enough for me without using powder also but then everything starts looking cakey especially towards the end of the day or even mid-day. Also I want that glowy, dewy kind of look...i don't know what to do, help please :(


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  • Okay, I'm a semi make up pro( going to make up school this summer). 1st, you have to know your undertone, this is VITAL. Flip your hand over and look at your wrists. If your veins look blue, then you have warm/red undertones. If your veins look green, then you have cool/yellow undertones. It's best to do this in sunlight. 2nd, what you want is a liquid foundation with medium coverage. Go to a MAC store or counter, and tell them your dilemma. You'll walk away with exactly what you've been looking for. Be prepared to spend about $25 for the foundation. Believe me, it's worth it : )

  • Try maybelline foam foundation.. its great and isn't heavy :) and your freckles will show through.. If you have dark areas around your eyes use a concealer :) This foundation is not greasy so it doesn't go patchy or anything and its long lasting xx