Is Muslim Datiing Common?

Recently I have become friends with a muslim girl, and really enjoy spending time with her. I am definitely developing feelings for her, and I think it is mutual, but I'm not sure if it would offend her if I ask her out...

As far as I understand, muslim women do not date at all (especially non-muslim men). I'm not sure how traditional she is though, she does not wear any kind of head covering, and dresses in "normal" clothing. I'm thinking maybe if she doesn't follow her tradition exactly in this regard, maybe she doesn't in terms of dating either. But from talking to her, it sounds like her and her family is fairly involved in the muslim community.

Does anybody know how common is it for muslim girls to date?


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  • i think it depends on each individual.. I have a couple of muslim friends..and one of them is all for dating and the other not so much, and neither of them are very orthodox.. I think if there is some way you can find out if she has ever had a boyfriend then that would be good..

    although you mention that it might be mutual feelings so maybe she would be up for it. but perhaps, though she may have feelings for you she may not be able to go out with you..whether its to do with the fact that your not muslim (im just assuming your not) or with her beliefs.. either way..i think you should go for it.. but be prepared for it not to go as you would like for whatever reason.


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  • I'm a Muslim girl and I went through situations of this kind a lot with westerners, most of the times me and the guy were like 2 peas in a bucket but their fear of rejection due to my traditions was the only reason it didn't work out.

    We are not really that different from other girls however, we tend to be more serious and committed when it comes to relationships. Why don't you just give it a try?

    You should go for it if you both like each other and don't let hesitation destroy it.

    • How do you call your self a muslim when you don't no the slightest idea about your religion muslim girls can't date non muslim guys it's forbidden but guys can marry non muslim girls but neither of them guys and girls are allowed to have sex before marriage

  • Hi. I am a muslim girl and I have dated guys even non muslim ones in my life. And my relationships were just like any common relationships. There's nothing different to muslim girls! Especially if we don't wear traditional clothing. And all my muslim girl and guy friends have dated both muslim and non muslim people as well. times are changing and we are no different to you people. :)


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  • So I have almost exactly the same problem! I met this girl in one of my classes and at first, it was just friendly. As things progressed I got her number and said we should go out sometime, she agrees no problem...For weeks we talk back and forth and build more chemistry and flirt non stop. This is a good thing, then I ask her out, so she knows that I'm interested now, she is as well, but she tells me that we can't! Like eachother, it's forbidden! So she explains how everything works, basically a white guy( Canadian) almost never date Muslims, unless there is a sure thing for marriage and a willing to convert... and even then it's very rare! Plus there is the traditions of how they eat which may create problems ect. ( I totally support her with the traditions, so there is no issue) So now everything is complicated to say the least. Having said that we are still doing the same stuff as before, and sneaking around hiding from her parents...So on ( also her parents are not completely strict, yet its still like this...) So basically I say go for it, if she is interested in you she will say so and it maybe very hard to have a "normal" relationship with her but I'm positive it will be worth it!. So be prepared to hear some things you rather not...

    Good luck!