Which advice do I follow? Some say wear makeup, whereas others say guys hate it.

I'm not really big on makeup. Sometimes I put on eyeliner if I go out to the bar, but that's it. I don't see the point because I don't feel pretty, and I don't feel makeup will help in my case. However, people are always telling me that if I feel ugly I should wear it, that I should get a makeover, and do something different with my hair. I am all for changing the hairstyle if someone can find one that flatters me. And I was going to wear makeup, but I was told not to because guys absolutely hate makeup on girls. So I am confused on what to do if I want to attract a guy.


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  • go with what makes you feel comfortable. a little bit of make up won't hurt you or stop some guy being attracted to you. stop listening too people, you will not please everyone make or not. you only need too please a few. if you keep listening to everyone says what you should do and wear, you will never be happy, just a confused miserable person. self belief is more important than any person's opinion except for your family. but even sometimes they can be wrong.

    be yourself in this world, is best thing you can do but with confidence. the minute someones see that, they are jealous and will try and bring down for it.

    i am not saying you are listening to everyone either. I am just saying because I was in that boat, trying to be this and that for every girl to like me. but in the end it never worked anyway. just being myself I got the girls anyway. trust me.


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  • Guys first and foremost like a girl that looks good. If you care to go with what guys like, then go for what makes you look best.

  • Guys don't like a cake face or a girl who takes off her mask and looks unrecognizable


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  • Guys <3 make up on a girl has long has it looks natural.

    When there's too much make up on it looks hookerish or like the woman is trying to hide something.

    The key is to wear some make up, but not too much.

    Also, I've seen plenty of unattractive women who were well glamoured up.

    The nice clothes, make up and the hair kind of plays has a distraction.

    Also, be confident in yourself when you walk out the door (guys can feel your vibe).

    If you come off has insecure tha can be a turn off. Personality is also always very important.

  • Just completely take the "what do guys like" out of it

    What do you like? Live your life according to you, If you like it wear it, If you don't, don't wear it or just wear primer.

    If you're wearing make-up and go out on the "town" and the whole night you're thinking "oh do I have too much on?", "Am I not wearing enough?" "Should I be wearing any at all?"...The you'll just look uncomfortable and worried and I doubt that's approachable

    If' you're not wearing make-up and the whole time you're wondering if you should be then it'll be the same thing...

    Just do what makes you comfortable, don't worry about what guys like because every guy is different, and you're not trying to date every guy just the guy that's compatible with you, and you won't find that listening to what other people think, it's all about you...you want to attract your type not someone elses.

  • Do what makes you feel is natural. Not every girl has to wear makeup and not every girls has to *not* wear makeup. The idea is that we are all different from another and we can make our own decisions.

    A guy is most attracted to a girl who doesn't always follow the crowd or do what they want. They will fall in love with the right person even if their "ideal" girl is far from what she actually is.

  • To attract a guy you need to be comfortable in your own skin. If that means wearing a little makeup then do that. If it means not wearing any makeup, that works too. You need to do whatever makes you confidant in yourself.

  • Girl any girl can look pretty or at least prettier with some efford, and that is make up a well done one, just a simple mascara makes any girl prettier its the power of eyelashes so I would start with that, mascara...a bit of blush if you have good skin that's all you need if you don't have such a great skin a foundation might be needed...

    Guys hate loads of make up, they don't hate the well done make up that you don't even notice...