Recently, it seems girls are getting taller?

I remember I work at my old company and see girl tower over me I'm 6'1 believe I saw girl flatfooted yet they are taller than me it make wondering what kind of food they eat? lol I don't like to feel I'm smaller compare to them Because it make me less manly. Anybody notice women getting tower taller right now?

However, I don't mind dating tall women as long they have good personality. They have long legs which I find hot I don't mind playing with her legs you know what I mean?
Wow I didn't expect a lot of answer on my post


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  • The average height of females is actually 5"7 not 5"5 as someone said below and that's all over the world not just to one state, most other females I have come across are from 5"5 - 5"9, I'm 5"7 and a half, my dad and brother are taller but I got some of my mums smaller genetics, my brother is like 6"2 I think but my mums like 5"6, it depends on genetics, I have noticed that if 2 people have 2 children most of the time the male will get the taller gene and then the female will ether get the smaller gene or some of the taller gene and some of the smaller gene (which is what I have). Sometimes though it can be the other way and the male gets the smaller gene or some genes from each parent but the female gets the taller gene, or maybe both of the off-spring will be some where in between both their parents height. Generally if one parents is taller and one is smaller then the kids are going to have a mixture of height but if both parents are small then no doubt the children will be small too. It all depends how the cells in the uturus arrange themselve.

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      The average height for a female is definitely not 5'7 worldwide. In some countries the average height for a male is like 5'2. In most western countries I'd say the average height for a female is 5'4 and 5'9 for a male. I know it sounds pretty short, but I think the average seems like it would be higher because taller people stick out more. You might walk by 20 women who are 5'4 and not think about it for a second, but once you see a 5'11 woman, you notice.

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      Never seen a woman more than 5"9 here in England and then once women get to about age 45 they start growing smaller for some weird reason hahaha, it's just strange how their height can shrink from like 5"7 to like 5"5 or a 5"9 to 5"7. I find that taller women are the more healthy women too though like I see some tall older women in their 50's and they still look like they are going strong.