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Recently, it seems girls are getting taller?

I remember I work at my old company and see girl tower over me I'm 6'1 believe I saw girl flatfooted yet they are taller than me it make wondering... Show More

However, I don't mind dating tall women as long they have good personality. They have long legs which I find hot I don't mind playing with her legs you know what I mean?
Wow I didn't expect a lot of answer on my post

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  • The average height of females is actually 5"7 not 5"5 as someone said below and that's all over the world not just to one state, most other females I have come across are from 5"5 - 5"9, I'm 5"7 and a half, my dad and brother are taller but I got some of my mums smaller genetics, my brother is like 6"2 I think but my mums like 5"6, it depends on genetics, I have noticed that if 2 people have 2 children most of the time the male will get the taller gene and then the female will ether get the smaller gene or some of the taller gene and some of the smaller gene (which is what I have). Sometimes though it can be the other way and the male gets the smaller gene or some genes from each parent but the female gets the taller gene, or maybe both of the off-spring will be some where in between both their parents height. Generally if one parents is taller and one is smaller then the kids are going to have a mixture of height but if both parents are small then no doubt the children will be small too. It all depends how the cells in the uturus arrange themselve.

    • The average height for a female is definitely not 5'7 worldwide. In some countries the average height for a male is like 5'2. In most western countries I'd say the average height for a female is 5'4 and 5'9 for a male. I know it sounds pretty short, but I think the average seems like it would be higher because taller people stick out more. You might walk by 20 women who are 5'4 and not think about it for a second, but once you see a 5'11 woman, you notice.

    • Never seen a woman more than 5"9 here in England and then once women get to about age 45 they start growing smaller for some weird reason hahaha, it's just strange how their height can shrink from like 5"7 to like 5"5 or a 5"9 to 5"7. I find that taller women are the more healthy women too though like I see some tall older women in their 50's and they still look like they are going strong.

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  • I think people in general are getting taller maybe the processed food?

    • I think it does with the genes

  • hah pretty sure your observations are coincidental.

  • Maybe so, or it could just be the women in your area! Anyways, I'm 6'1" and any guy that I ever wanted to date always said I was too tall for them (even though they were taller than me)...

    My dad is 6'6" though... so who knows, maybe it's all genetics. Maybe these girls all have giant parents :)

    • 6'1? wow your height same as mine did you play basketball?

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    • That cool but tennis got me tried quickly because I have to run all day I'm sure you beat me very badly lol

    • Plus I always stuck out my tongue panting like dog haha

  • I'm 5' 2"... fun sized :P

    • aww it so cute!

  • im 5'6, but I feel taller I don't know why.

    • Not bad my crush height is 5'7 I don't mind taller girl mean long legs mmm..

  • No. I and all my friends aren't anymore than 5'4"

  • well if it makes you feel any better I am only 5'6"

  • My brother said that the other day

    • Lol I feel your bro

  • I am 5'10 and still might grow some more :/ but most girls I know are around 5'5-5'7

  • I'm 5'2", and I haven't grown since I was 12 years old.

    • Aww that so cute!

  • I think a survey that they did in the 1960's or possibly earlier on Japanese children revealed that a Japanese person living in the states was an average of 6 inches taller than a japanese born and living in Japan.

    Nutrition, Climate, Temperature and other factors can influence your height.

    Did you know if you sleep in COMPLETE darkness by covering every crevice in your room where light can penetrate such as door frames etc... you can grow an extra two inches?

    • Serious? I never hear that before

  • your're shrinking dude

    • I am lol

  • No. There is a lot of short girls and a lot of tall girls everywhere! Mostly it all depends which part of the world you're in. Statistically the tallest people are the Dutch. It all comes down to genetics, climate, and diet among other things.

  • your getting shorter..

    • You sure are a weird looking girl

    • Haha! @ drew009

  • i haven't noticed this at all. Only when I wear heels.

  • Yea, I feel bad for guys who seem shorter than me

    • Im only 5'6 but it seems like I'm usually at the same height as most guys when I wear shoes with heels... Maybe that's why guys don't approach me/ find me attractive

  • Yeah, I agree. I'm 5'10" and I always thought I was massively tall. However, I went shopping the other day and saw a heap of women who were my height or taller.

    Must be something in the water lol.

  • Were they wearing heels or boots

    • Some girls use flip flop and sometime bare feet but yet, they are still getting taller but I won't complain because I like tall girls of course I'm 6'2 :)

  • natural selection, I suppose.

  • im 5 foot 9. a lot of my friends are between 5'7 and 5'9. girls are deff getting taller! a lot of guys I know are more attracted to taller girls though

    • Yep my friends love tall girls so much expect me ;)

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  • Haha I doupt that but people are certainly getting fatter.

    • Yea I saw that lol

  • I'm 5'7.

    I do some teaching; I was walking down the hallway at an elementary school, and most of the boys I saw were taller than me, they were maybe in fifth grade, at most. It's surreal.

    As far as girls go, I see some who are taller and some who are shorter. I don't think it's been a part of whether or not they date me, though I suppose it's in there as a side issue to some.

  • I've noticed and its unfortunate.

  • Tall girls can be so sexy... I'm 6'7" so I say, the taller, the better! ;-)

  • I've seen some tall girls myself...like 6'4" and such. They seem taller now than before...but I have no stats to prove it.

  • I've noticed, and I don't really care. If I'm attracted to a girl, it doesn't matter whether or not she's taller than me. If it matters to her, then she's probably more of a shallow person than I'd like to be with. Only once have any of my taller girl friends listed height as a requirement in a man.

    TBH, it's probably really shallow for me to say, but the only way a tall girl, or any girl, would intimidate me or make me feel less manly would be if she was more muscular then me. I work out a lot, and while not huge, it's obvious that I'm strong and that I work out. If I think a women could beat me up without breaking a sweat, that's really intimidating. Unless it's because she knows a martial art, then it's pretty cool.

  • I think I have met only two girls who are taller than me.

    Most likely its just your demographic

  • I think people in general are just getting taller. Personally, I would never date a tall girl. Just not my style. I prefer short girls.

  • I'm 5'8"... I don't even look at women taller than me, nor do I find them to be attractive.

  • I'm 5'11..and its just not cutting it anymore. I feel you man. I like my girls petite anyway. Like 5'5 and below.

  • I think they're just wearing heels that are higher than ever.

  • Even at 5'11'' I feel like a midget bitch around these high-heel wearing Amazon goddesses.

  • Lots of girls are waaaay taller than the supposed 5'5 average in the United States. Sometimes wonder what the **** the person was on who came up with that calculation. *Completely* wrong... I'm 5'9 and most girls are my height and many taller...

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