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Guys and Girls: Is this haircut too short?

I recently cut off my long hair for summer. It used to be past my chest but it was severely damaged to the point where it was breaking off. To give myself a new start, I cut it to a shoulder grazing style. It's similar to this haircut in the front and about two inches shorter in the back:


Do you guys think this haircut is too short?

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  • What hair styles look good really depends on the individual, but in general I like that haircut. That's about as short as I usually like it to go, but for some chicks it's straight up sexy.

What Guys Said 8

  • Looks cute, at least on the girl in the picture.

  • Just long enough for me

  • That's nowhere near too short. I actually however prefer super short hair on a girl, so although I think that's a pretty haircut, I like even shorter than that on a woman. For example, this girl's hairstyle looks really sexy to me.


    But I know I'm in the minority and probably a total weirdo. But that's okay.

  • That's actually a nice length I think its kinda cute :) now if my Girlfriend ever cut it that short I'd be mad cause she's got gorgeous long hair but on some that can be a very flattering look

  • Looks fine.

  • It's fine.

  • Nope. still looks pretty and I'm not even a fan of short haircuts on girls. I can't stand the pixie cuts or stuff like that though.

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