Freckles and blond hair cute?

Ok, so I have too many freckles for me to count on my face. And I have Blond hair. My hair is naturally blond, but I have so many Blond highlights... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • Aww I just looked at your picture and your totally cute! don't let mean guys bring you down. half the time, the girls that they mess with and say are hot, wouldn't be all that hot to them if they weren't putting out. so don't call yourself ugly because you're not.

    but if you wanna improve:

    -go to the salon and ask them what style would be best for you. your hair's not bad now, but you seem like you might wanna re-invent yourself it'll give you a confidence boost. if you wanna keep your hair long, do that 80s wavy/flip thing a lot of girls are doing, that's really cute.

    -dress more feminine & girly. try to wear a skirt at least once a week

    -also, makeup doesn't make you look fake if you wear it right. I mean, the fake look is cute if that's what you wanted to go for, but you don't have to look fake if you don't want. you should go for the "put together classy look". wear natural shades

    -be confident. I know so many girls that are actually really ugly, but since they think they're hot everyone else is fooled too. so just do like P.Hilton said and act like your wearing an invisible tiara