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Freckles and blond hair cute?

Ok, so I have too many freckles for me to count on my face. And I have Blond hair. My hair is naturally blond, but I have so many Blond highlights... Show More

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  • Aww I just looked at your picture and your totally cute! don't let mean guys bring you down. half the time, the girls that they mess with and say are hot, wouldn't be all that hot to them if they weren't putting out. so don't call yourself ugly because you're not.

    but if you wanna improve:

    -go to the salon and ask them what style would be best for you. your hair's not bad now, but you seem like you might wanna re-invent yourself it'll give you a confidence boost. if you wanna keep your hair long, do that 80s wavy/flip thing a lot of girls are doing, that's really cute.

    -dress more feminine & girly. try to wear a skirt at least once a week

    -also, makeup doesn't make you look fake if you wear it right. I mean, the fake look is cute if that's what you wanted to go for, but you don't have to look fake if you don't want. you should go for the "put together classy look". wear natural shades

    -be confident. I know so many girls that are actually really ugly, but since they think they're hot everyone else is fooled too. so just do like P.Hilton said and act like your wearing an invisible tiara

What Guys Said 8

  • What a cute combination.

  • I don't know anything about the makeup answer, but you are definitely not ugly! You are a beautiful young lady! Don't let anybody put your looks down.

  • You're cute

  • Beauty goes beyond the skin, at your age Boys are butts and won't recognize how beautiful you actually are. remember that and you will find one that you are looking for.

  • Yes very cute. Ive always had a thing for girls with freckles. A little bit of lipstick and and mascara is all you need to spice up your look a little (not 100% sure though, don't know tons about makeup). You're very cute even without it though. I would advise against the nose piercing though, I just never like them on a woman.

  • Ignore the mean guys, you have nothing to worry about.

  • C'mon, you know you aren't ugly. That, or you're attending some kind of model school.

    If you're having difficulty picking up guys, rest assured that your looks aren't the problem. Don't hang out with mean people and look for guys who will appreciate your personality.

  • First off know that I am a huge fan of freckles on girls(I have absolutely none myself despite my dad being Irish and my mom having plenty of freckles), and as such I realize that they, like hair come in different colors and manifest themselves in different ways. There are redheaded freckles, blonde and brunette freckles, and they don't necessarily always match. You should style your hair to match whatever shade of freckles you have. Blonde freckles are actually my favorite. Your picture is super cute. I have dated lots of freckly girls because I liked them, only to find that none of them were too keen on the freckles themselves. It's all about confidence. Be who you are and don't let mean slutty girls define you. Go out with some more even keeled people and just put yourself in spots that make you approachable. Don't let guys push you around with their stupid backhanded compliments. I know you are desirable because I would find you attractive so right there...

What Girls Said 4

  • Your defo not ugly!! if you don't wanna wear make up then dont...but you can wear make up and look natural just get a foundation the same colour as your skin tone and wear mascara..and ocasionally eyeliner!! but your noy ugly at all!! and yeah I know what you mean about bitch friends who r pretty and always have bfs they don't deserve ive a friend like that too she always gets guys and uses them !! while they just think of me as d cute friend of there gf and over here in ireland when a fella(guy) calls you cute it usually means eh she's not d best more of a friend!! so I know how you feel!!xx

  • Lemon juice will tone down the color of freckles.

  • There's nothing wrong with having Freckles at all! Actually its good that you do! Having blonde hair and freckles is good! It doesn't matter what guys think of you! When guys say that and this is a true fact when they pick on you and say nasty stuff means that they actually do like you and think that you are cute. They just do it around there friends so they act all cool. Why don't you just try and put on makeup! It doesn't make you look all that fake! It your put a lot of makeup on like really bad then it will make you look fake. But try and put some eyeliner mascara eyeshadow and powder! You are going to look pretty. You already are pretty to begin with! Just put on some makeup and tell me how it turns ok! And when you put makeup on put the pictures on here and let me see how you look!! You look gorgeous already! your a very pretty girl!! No matter what guys will always think you look pretty!

    My boyfriend tells me that I am pretty/beautiful/hot all the time whether I have makeup on or not!!! You are gorgeous so try and put some makeup on if you don't like how you look then just wear a little bit of it! But no matter what your pretty.

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