Is this your family?

Dad- 56. Huge lazy piece. Wakes up makes his breakfast and makes a huge mess out of the entire kitchen and doesn't clean it up. He drops crumbs on the floor but it doesn't matter someone will pick up after him. Goes to work, comes home makes coffee and some food. Leaves another mess, goes and turns on the telly and then falls asleep until dinner. Eats, leaves another huge mess and never offers to clean up. Goes back to his chair, drinks his booze and falls asleep for 4 hours. Finally goes to bed.

Sister- 25 still lives at home. Takes after her father, is so freaking lazy; does sh!t all. And pretty much does everything exactly like her father does. On weekends she sleeps until around 3:30 and on week nights leaves the telly loud, and is literally laughing out loud over videos over Youtube. She is, "bi-polar" and if you say something to her she goes on a rant and claims no body understand her. Then you realize that you getting the same moods as her but your not "bi-polar". WTF? And claims her mother is responsible for her condition. When she doesn't realize that her mother does all this sh!t for her and she takes no note of it.

Mother- Just turned 57 and has been crying about it. Doesn't understand the kind of family she has raised. Is constantly reminding us that this isn't what she wanted in a family. Is always bringing up that we don't have a lot of money. She "loves" her family but at the same time is always bad mouthing it. I apparently am lazy too.

You- Are 18, and living with this crap and according to her mother isn't ready to go off to school and isn't "responsible enough". When she's always been told that you are a responsible child, and you'll do well on your own. You barely go out so you haven't gotten into any trouble.Urg!

Does anyone have a family similar or close to mine?


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  • I think no family is perfect. I am 23 and come from average income family, I have Down Sindrom brother who's turn 14. As a family we're rare sit together for dinner. My father doesn't like to discuss any matter about family with my mother, he likes to make his own decision without consider my mother's opinion and he is not that type of loving man. I just have no idea why they still together for 25 years. I think my mother leads more to this family in terms of my education and family welfare. I've been ask mom " why?", she says " I think it's better for you to have dad, your father is good anyway" and until now I still don't understand why mom never rushing to make a decision, she always patience and never selfish, she still treat my father nicely.Ohh, mom married dad not because she loves him but just want to run away from other rich guy that pursue her but mom doesn't love him either. My mom was an orphan, she choose dad because she thinks he is the ideal middle class man and she thinks he is good for her. She did fell in love but the guy was people's husband. Haha that was already past for her I think what she's hoping now is for me to success in life and make her proud:-) Just LIke my mom, I still love dad anyway.This is my family.


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  • The family sounds dysfunctional as hell just like mine! That is my dad to the core (sorry daddy but you know it!), I am a mix of the 25 year old sister, the mother, and you! At least there are others who are in this like you and your situation can change! Sometimes I have to remind myself that it won't always be like this but then you still love them because it's family!

  • This actually does sound a lot like my family. lol

    Except my parents are a little younger divorces.

  • Ya, that kinda sounds like my family, except maybe for the bipolar sibling, but other than that ya pretty much.