Blond peach fuzz on my face: Guys does it bother you ?

I have peach fuzz on my face, just like sideburns. Its not even visible when you look at me from a distance, but when people are near I get unconscious because I know they can see it. Especially when they are male.

Its blond/white and I am pale by myself and its not on my upper lip, so yeah what do you think. Should I try to get rid of it or don't bother ?


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  • I wouldn't worry about it. Now if it were on your lip, then I would tell you to get rid of it. I really don't believe guys are going to care about it. Men spend so much time looking at women, but we will never see, even a quarter of the flaws you women find in yourselves.

    Men are just as worried about what you think of us. I mean us guys have hair all over the place, and it only gets worse as we get older. I for one am tired of people throwing red paint on me, when I go outside without a shirt on. ITS NOT A FUR COAT PEOPLE! But that is not the point I am trying to make.

    The big problem is that it is effecting your self esteem. If it keeps effecting your self esteem, and you can afford to do something about it, then go ahead and get rid of your peach fuzz. You may want to find out pricing for permanent hair removal, and then make your decision. Making sure you feel good about yourself is far more important, than worrying about if a some guy is going to care.

    • I just worry about guys reaction, I even like it because its so soft :P

      I wanted to remove it permanently but there is the risk of burning my face and I am afraid it?ll get even worse

    • If you like it then leave them. I don't know any guy that would care. I knew a girl that had peach fuzz sideburns as well. Not a single guy in our class minded. Some of us actually liked it. Women have so many different ways of styling their hair, that it isn't shocking to us, if we see a woman with something that resembles sideburns. I mean a woman's bangs can hand down, like side burns anyway. So it isn't a big deal to us.

    • Agreed^...Black moustaches can be intimidating...o.O


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  • If it is making you self conscious then there is no reason to keep it. It should be very easy for you to get rid of it and even if it is not bothering other people it seems to be bothering you so I think you should go ahead and take care of it.

  • nope , doesn't bother me , it's normal , lots of people have it .

    and don't try to get rid of it , I think it will only make things worse

  • Well you wouldn't bother yourself for me...(:(:(:

    • How would you know ? Maybe I would.

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    • (:..You are sexy as with your blond peach fuzz...(:(:(:

    • PS..I absolutely love your comment above...and I hate it when females assume that "all guys" like this or that...we are totally individuals and we agree on nothing...and nothing illustrates that better than the arguments about pubic hair..some of us want it some of us want some some of us want none...some of us don't care...but I would like at least why would anyone laser? /:/:/:

  • If it gets thick on a girls face I see and I'm kind of grossed out a little bit. If its really bad or you feel self conscious about it just use a razor to take it off, problem solved :)

    • Just looked into the mirror yesterday. And it?s not so bad, hardly visible , its white/blond so I guess I will keep it, and if a guy I am with will be bothered I will try to get rid of it.

  • I think it's actually kinda cute!


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  • everyone has it I think, I just thread mine off.

    • how ? doesn?t it grow back thicker ?

    • not at all. look up YouTube vids on how to thread.