What is your sexiest underwear?

Girls, what is your sexiest underwear combo? and why?


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  • Corsets with vintage full fashioned nylon stockings.

    • Oh My! ... My immagination is running wild! lol ... That sounds so HOT! :)

      For me... Does a black crotchless bodystocking count? ...

      That reminds me once I wore crotchless pantyhose with 4" heels and black cupless bra for my last boyfriend! (I can't believe I just admitted that... I'm so embarrassed...lol) I don't remember what you call them but the pantyhose were not just crotchless, they were completely open all the way above my hips to my waist! You know the kind I mean? I should HUSH lol

    • Sounds like a bodystocking.You have nice taste, and one that is very similar to mine, so it sounds.Delicious.


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  • i have a matching thong and bra from victorias secret. they are both bright orange with polksdots on them. they are my fav combo to wear! really sexy and have a bright cute appeal to them!

    • my favorite color is orange, and after seeing your picture on your profile reading this got my excited lol. Bet you would look great in any bra and thong though!

  • Victoria's secret... because it has lace-trim and I just feel so sexy when I wear them!


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  • I have a pair of boxers where the button snapped off in the front (I'm not sure if it was from a girl's teeth...or from an intense rock climbing outing...or poor workmanship in a 3rd world country where the boxers were made. But anyway, that's not really the point, because the bottom line is the button came off and so my thingy-thang pops out sometimes depending on the position I'm in, so I figure that's some pretty sexy boxers. Oh, the question was about underwear. Nevermind then.