What can I do with my hair while it's growing out (attempting dreads)

I'm going to be attempting dreads, even though I'm white because someone once told me that because I have dirty blond hair that I would look good with them. So, while I'm growing my hair out to get them a little later in the year, what can I do with it right now so that it's "interesting". Right now it just sort of lays there..which is boring.


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  • Make it curly/wavy by braiding it when its wet then unbraid it when its dry

  • There's some videos on YouTube you can watch for ideas.

  • Dreads? Most people keep their hair in braids or cornrows and it grows pretty fast since you don't style your hair everyday


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  • Let me ask you a question: who's the last white guy you saw with dreads that made you think to yourself, damn that guy is cool and what I'd like to aspire to be?

    • The singer of In Flames

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    • Then riggity rock that sh*t with the dreads bro. Let's recap...

      You're growing out your hair, one of your heroes has/had dreads, you know lots of cool people with dreads... so I'd say this is a no-brainer.

      It wouldn't be my advice but it's not like I speak for everyone. I just wanted to help you think this thing through and it seems like you reached a decision, which was maybe the one you wanted to reach all along, but either way...rock it out & don't worry too much about what other people think.

    • Haha no, I honestly don't care what people think...I just wanted opinions, thanks though