The difference between the body of a girl you date, and the body of a girl you just want to screw...

This girl who you are interested in has a curvy voluptuous body. She is sweet, nice, and overall down to earth girl. Her body looks like a coke bottle when fitted into a tight fitted dress. (Bigger on the top, and a small waist, evenly proportioned) Her body naturally draws attention because of her chest, and you know as a man, that she gets checked out a lot of the times. Is there a difference between a secure or insecure mans reaction? Is there a certain body you like to have sex with, but you want a girlfriend who has a different body?

The girl feels ashamed or embarrassed because she is comfortable with her body, but feels like he would be insecure if they went out in public.

Oh and most people think she is cute, she gets asked about her ethnicity because of her eyes, overall she has a nice face. She has a unique look and a curvy body. She could care less what people think of her body, although she likes to keep toned and tight, but she would never want to make him feel uncomfortable.


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  • screwable = her body shape is that of a woman, not a sphere or some dismorphic blob or something.

    date = see above, also add a pretty face and a number of less tangible traits.

    • Haha, thanks for your input!


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  • From personal experience, I can say that there is no set body type for a girl I'd want to date/have a relationship with, that is based much moor eon personality and other things of that sort, its more a mental attraction, where as a girl you just want to have sex with, there are definitely things you are looking for, there is that ideal body like you were speaking of.

    But when I'm dating a girl with a great body, I'm not insecure when seen with her, I'm more proud of it. If that makes sense.

  • Why wouldn't I want the girl I date to have the same body type as the girl I want to screw? Because if I'm dating her, I plan to screw her A LOT.

    Also, what are this girl's measurements?

  • It depends on the head it's attached to.

  • she can be skinny-fat with little titties and some thigh wrinkles if it's a one time thing. but if I have to be seen with her, it's non-saggy c-cups and up, smooth skin w/o wrinkles and stretch marks, a thick round perky ass, and a pretty pre-makeup face.

  • For me, there's no difference whatsoever. If I find her attractive, I ask her out; otherwise I don't.


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  • no, well you aren't making that much sense...but from what I derived out of this question, why would a guy want to screw a different body than he would want to date? part of dating is sex and attraction, so if anything I think he'd care less about her body if he was just out for sex. Sure if he sees a hot body he will want to bang her. But he wants to be attracted to the girl he dates.