What is the worst haircut you have gotten?

The worst thing that happened to me wasn't a haircut, but I was getting a relaxer put in and the chemicals were too harsh, ( I cried too lol) so it completely ruined my hair, I don't think the hairdresser knew what she was doing.


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  • Maybe 6 years ago I put a relaxer in my hair and maybe a month later,a hair color. While washing my hair,it fell out in my hands and I needed to get an emergency hair cut. The guy had no idea how to do hair! The hair cut was awful. I wanted a Tboz (TLC) and he gave me a jacked up mess of a cut. That was the last time I went to a salon.


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  • I have virgin hair, so I can't begin to understand the complexities of relaxers, I do know that a lot of people have complained about the issues you have encountered. Depending on how much damage the relaxer has done o your hair, try cutting it into a bob.

    • Hope your hair grows back, get rid of the damaged parts as soon as you can.

  • im sorry to hear... happened to me also, that's why I tell most people.. to rock their hair natural :)

    My worst hair cut would probably be a bang that I got, that was cut too short... it was a disaster