Do girls like cyclist legs?

Hi everyone, I have a bike and I train a lot with.

Currently I have really big legs (not as big as the guy in the link bellow).

But I started heavy weight training (squat) and my objective is to have them as big as the guy in the middle of the picture. I like the look and I want more power in my legs.

Girls do you think huge legs like the ones in the picture are repulsive ? Please explain why :)

Thanks !

link: link


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  • Well, I'm a girl and have muscular legs(not like that though!) and even though I hate them(my legs), I don't find them to be a problem if a guy has them. I actually think it's attractive.


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  • Holy quadriceps!

    As far as my preferences, the guy in the middle is a little bit too bulky for my taste. The two on the sides are okay. But then again, if the guy is an athlete and he wins gold medals with those legs, I might make an exception xP. No but really, it wouldn't bother me if he has legs like that because he trains or is an athlete. However, if a guy were to have legs like that naturally, I'd be just a little bit freaked out.

    • My legs are almost as big as the two guys on the sides, but my objective is the have them like the ones in the middle :)

  • They are ok.

    They kind of make me hungry and look like they can squish me to death.

    But depending on the guy, they look fine. Not too crazy over them.

  • Not that big (seems out of proportion) but I do like thigh muscle.


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  • they put my chicken legs to shame :(