Are rosy cheeks a turn off?

Natural and not natural rosy cheeks as in during and after a workout at the gym. My cheeks tend to turn redish, and I always think I am the only one with reddish cheeks! So, turn on or turn off or doesn't matter?

Why rosy a turn on? :p


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  • It's normal to be flushed from a workout, and anyone with fair skin is likely to be visibly flushed. It's expected and not a problem for anyone that I know of.

    • Per update: A flushed face may remind guys of an aroused or post-orgasm girl face, so that would be a turn-on.

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  • Rosey cheeks = insta erection!

    • Because you are the most amazingest girl in the world. BA? :D

  • Rosy cheeks look good... sort of cheesecake Elvgren pin up good.

    I see it as a sign of good health ... especially if a woman is older and still has a nice natural color to her face =)

  • i love them

  • id like it

  • Turn off? O:O..Not at all! Either neutral or probably Turn On!

    • @Update It is not only color and pretty color but natural color as well. And if rosy cheeks did not look attractive then why do women use blush (which I wish they would not since I don't like makeup)?

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  • of course it's not a turn off! Rosy cheeks are a sign of health, youth and fertility. Now who wouldn't find that attractive? :)