Advice on dying my hair, ideas and tips, please?

I've decided I need a change. But I'm having a hard time with this for the first time, usually I cut my hair in the bathroom but I've decided to grow it out. What color/ color combinations should I use? Something creative but not too flashy, hot pink.. no. If outrageous colors I would go anything but pinks. I am a natural redhead and my bangs are straight across, almost to my chin on the sides, just too short to put in a ponytail with the rest of my hair which touches the top of my shoulder line. I've been dying my hair darker browns and naturalish purple so there is some tint/damage done.

Also, I'm in a band.. so something that could reflect our "genre" for lack of a better word would be fabulous! Even a cut that I can do while still growing it could be fun!

Band page on Facebook so you have an idea, I guess: link

Thanks in advance for the input!


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  • Definitely hot red! very versatile with clothes and looking at your pictures I think it would really suit your face and fit in with the band thing. You can also always tone it up or down with hi-lights or low-lights if you do it and then decide it's not for you. Go for it!


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  • I would advice you to color your hair burgundy with streaks of blue, green and purple

  • Why not try Black?I bet you must be very cool with black hair.haha,i'm from China,and like black more.So it may not the answer in your heart.However,in my mind,you would look very beautiful with lone soft black hair.

    • I've had black hair. I'm so pale it makes me look like the walking dead.

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  • I agree hot red would be awesome! Or how about a deep blue? Something where it looks black at first but in the right lighting the color would really stand out.