Ok, this is me... Boys- do I sound like a loser?

Ok well I have blond (golden) curly hair and dull royal blue eyes.

I play soccer, tutor and go to church.

I have an 83% average in my academic classes.

I'm sporty and artsy.

I have several girl and guy friends.

I'm usually described as funny, nice, blond, sporty and a good friend.

I'm sorta pretty but not gorgeous. (not ugly, not gorgeous- average)

This kinda sums me up. Am I a complete loser?


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  • Let me put it to you this way...there isn't a thing that I read about you that would even make me consider that... if someone said that to you then you should ignore them... you seem like a down to earth good girl... you have a good group of friends...I really can't believe you are even asking this to tell you the truth... I think there is more to this...Im going to take a stab at this though with a couple of clues here... you have many friends, you are nice, you go to church and stay involved, and you think all guys usually like sports... yet there seems to be no one who wants to date you? So really you might be asking... why doesn't anyone want to date me? Again I could be wrong on this... but if I am right I will still try to help you out... you are young so I really wouldn't worry about getting a guy...you sound like you are well rounded and you like yourself so I really wouldn't worry...just be yourself and when the time is right that special someone will come into your life WHEN you are ready... if I am wrong then you need to give me more info and then I will help you out...if not then best of luck to you! In the end it all works out! Good luck!


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  • Come on, you can't be a loser. What would make you think so?

    You shouldn't be afraid you're too boy-ish just because you play soccer. I once liked a girl who was into soccer (while I am not), but I was still into her. I didn't care about that, I simply like her for her personality.

    The fact you're asking this question makes me think you have some self-esteem issues. You could work on that if you think that's a problem for you?

  • You sound like an amazing girl, stop entertaining the idea of being a loser. Why are you asking such a question? Is it because you can't find the right guy or a boyfriend? It doesn't help to think negative thoughts about yourself, trust me I know. Thinking things like that about yourself pushes you farther and farther away from people because they can sense the negativity.

    • Well it's weird because I'm told that I'm a great girl but only girls think that, not guys. It's just confusing :/

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    • I didn't say you were, I just suggested you go lesbian haha. Like I said, it will take some time before you meet a guy who is more mature, high school guys are little boys. Men take much longer to mature so you're dealing with guys who may not be able to see and appreciate you for who you are.

    • Why is everyone so smart on here?!?!?

      Lol thnx :)

  • Well you're mentioning a lot of good things. I fail to see how any of those make you a loser. And sure you're not perfect academically, but few are. Still, with all you say here, you're talking good stuff, why would THAT make you a loser? (Don't make me regret asking)

  • No. Nothing says "loser" here.


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  • Wow, really? I'm not a guy but everything you have described is not a loser!

    You've got something good.