Are thick glasses a turn off?

I'm getting close to having my first overnight stay at my girlfriend's place. This is also going to mean that come bedtime, she's going to be seeing me in my glasses for the first time once my contacts are out for the night. Problem is my vision is so bad that even with the new "thin" lenses and small frames, my glasses are still real thick. She knows I wear contacts but doesn't know how badly I need them. Just not bringing my glasses probably isn't a great option since there's no way I could make it from her bathroom to the bedroom without them. That and I'm uneasy with the not being able to see a thing.

Is it a turn off for girls if a guy has to wear coke bottle glasses, even if they are otherwise stylish and stuff? When lenses are as thick as mine I feel like it advertises a vulnerability.


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  • Not so much that it's a turn off, but that they sort of hide your actual eyes. In the age of optical surgery and gradation glasses, people usually just jazz up their look a bit by changing frames or something.

    What you should do is show her the frames at some point and put them on the night stand in case you need them, this way she is aware that she might bump into your Clark Kent alter ego rather than your Superman self in the night.

    Alternatively, if you have a spare set of contacts, soak the one set and wear the other set...


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  • Aw.

    No, I don't see it as a turn off unless the glasses are ugly. :P

    But you said that they're not and whatnot. :]

    I personally think that they're attractive on some guys, but of course not every girl will feel that way.

    I doubt you're girlfriend will care though. She's dating you for you, not your vision.

    If you still feel uncomfortable, could you just wear your contacts as long as possible and take them off right before you go to sleep?

  • Awww, no it might actually be cute. In a dorky way. A dorky kind of cute, lol

  • if you look dorky she'll think its cute :P

  • It depends. I find glasses extremely hot on a guy. It also depends on the style of the glasses. So no, its not a turn off.


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