What color eyes do you have? (:

So what color are your eyes?(:

Question is either too long or too short..


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  • mine are weird, they change color.

    depending on the light, my mood, my clothes etc, they range from electric blue through to purple. They even flash gold-ish if I'm REALLY annoyed or horny.

    The general mood rule is:

    purple or dark blue - turned on

    Brown - dark green, - sad

    electric blue/gold - pissed off

    basic blue/green - happy

    Closed off, if I'm internalising something - steel grey

    they also depend on the clothes and light, but in completely neutral mode, when I'm naked and the light is completely uniform, they're light grey/silver

    • haha gold like on twilight

    • Mine change too(:

    • haven't seen twilight, so cannae comment. I love having my eyes do that though, it's really cool to see people's reactions, especially when they do their wee trick and flash purple

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