Why some attractive skinny or lean girls are snotty?

I've been known for love curvy women but I like all size as well. Usual I try to approach skinny girls but they act quite bitchy or think better than them it annoying me. I always hear some of them complain men don't give love to skinny girls. I really don't get it.


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  • Yeh... I would avoid them, they are fake clones, all they do is follow the crowed instead of having their own mind, they have very low self-esteem and even when they are skinny ti hear them always still calling themselves fat and if they even so much as have one bit of chocolate they start feeling guilty and angry with themselves, it's just so hard to even watch. Due to the fact the majority of girls are like this I avoid them as all I get is dirty looks and them gossiping or being bitchy, I don't act like a clone and I wear what I want, don't even wear make-up but they try to make other girls get in with the "trends" of being "perfect" by making them feel like there is something wrong with them when there isn't, anyone to falls into it is left with far more self-esteeem issues than they had or they didn't have any at all but other girls essentially bully them into it by saying stuff like "why don't you doll up? and why don't you wear like clothes?" and a lot of girls are guiliable and non the wiser so they just think "What? I'm not attractive? your saying what I'm wearing is nice? you think I should not wear this and wear what you are? omg! look at everyone and look at what I'm wearing, I'm a disgrace! there's something wrong with me if I don't" :( it's disgusting this type of behavior from girls, if I see them giving me a dirty like every time I pass I just give them one back, they treat everything like competition and I can't even make friends with them because they want me to live up to every single one of their expectations. Go for girls like me that has their own mind and doesn't give into such bullying from other ffemales because she has far more better confidence and less issues with herself, she will no doubt sitll have some like we all do but they are a far better choice.

  • They feel they are "too good" since they are what the media portrays as perfect


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