What type of red hair color would look good on me?

Im black and want to dye my hair red. (A noticeable red). I'm gonna be a sophomore in high school. On summer break,i was planning on dyeing it red. I love the color! But I don't know what shade would suit me...i don't want to look ghetto but I want it to be noticeable in a room.

My skin is like Iman (model)


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  • Why on Earth would you want to do that? Nothing looks more ridiculous than a black person with blond hair or, the worst of the worst, that obnoxious red color.

    You will look ghetto and perpetuate stereotypes if you do this.


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  • Some black girls can get away with blond and actually look really good, I've always seen girls with hair dyed red that tend to be extremely low class so when I see it I can't help but associate the two


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  • link

    That red would probably look nice on you. Not crazy red, but definitely noticeable.