Can someone help me find summer date clothes?

I have a bunch of long sleeve things I can wear and I've got jeans. But when it comes to a hot day and I'm not going to wear anything long, I don't have many date clothes for that. I have a few khaki/cargo shorts... but what kind of tops should I wear? That are NOT polo shirts. Just something that looks nice for a date but isn't a polo. And any kind of suggestion for different types of shorts would be great!

If you can, I'd appreciate it if you could provide a link to the clothes. but if that's too much work then a description or the name brand would work as well! Thanks a ton :D oh and I'm 19 by the way and skinny/athletic build.


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  • how bout one of those semi formal buttom up shirts that you can role the sleeves up on?


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  • I'll tell you what I've started doing lately that gets a lot of attention, I've gotten away from jeans. I still wear them occassionally but I've started wearing what you'd call "pants". Not slacks...but pants. If you go to any designer clothing or normal clothing store online and look in the "pants" section you'll see what I mean. Also, V-necks. Vnecks are nice, they make really cool ones too if you know where to look. A few of my fashion role models are people like Johnny Depp, Jason Momoa, Lenny Kravitz.