What do you suggest a guy to wear?

Ok, for the summer months, I usually wear khaki / cargo shorts along with low top shoes and ankle socks. This year however is the first summer since I started working out that August. Most of my shirts I've outgrown because I've gained some muscle.

I'm tall, skinny/athletic build. My question is, what type of shirt should I wear? In terms of muscles, I'm not huge, but I'm toned and cut. Should I wear slightly loose shirts? Any brand, how long sleeves? I don't really like the idea of showing my muscles cause I feel small lol. If you like links might help. Thanks :)


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  • Polo or tshirt and you could do without the cargo shorts- it's a little middle school/ high school. You could do chinoi shorts instead. If you wanted to chill though, a white shirt and athletic shorts are just fine. There really isn't a dress code but I do think everyone can agree on no socks and sandals.

    • You'd never catch me in sandals...with or without socks lol

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  • Honey, whatever you wear always looks nice.