I know she has a boyfriend, and I don't know if she is just being REALLY flirty and leading me on?

There is a girl I had in a class last semester, we talked a little but she said things like 'your cute' and ' I would let you take me out to a movie' she wrote me a note saying how I was her love bug. I have a class with her this semester and She sits behind me we talk very LITTLE in class, but after class we walk with each other down the hallway and talk. in class sometimes if I'm wearing a hoodie she will re arrange the hood. sometimes she will walk past me and twirl my hair. she wrote 'i love you' on a paper of mine once.I catch her staring at me sometimes. one time on a fire drill she walked past me and rubbed her hand against my penis and smiled at me and said' oo sorry' she has slapped my butt with her folder before. the other day I had a hole on the butt part of my jeans and she came up behind me and stuck her finger in the hole and said ' you have a hole in your jeans' and rubbed her body against mine. In class sometimes she will send me texts saying 'Lets make out' and ' I like your butt' keep in mind as she sends these I'm right in front of here. She has asked me several times when I am going to take her out to eat. I haven't hung out with her outside of school yet. I have texted her a few times.

The Reason I haven't gone further with this girl is because I know she has a boyfriend, and I don't know if she is just being REALLY flirty and leading me on? or does she have a thing for me? I need Opinions, thank you


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  • Ahhh.. the girl with a boyfriend... lol. think about this first, if you like her and she leaves her current boyfriend for you, what's stopping her from doing the same to you for another guy?

    this type of girl can be a risky move if you choose to play the game. be careful.. she likes you but I think you should find out the boyfriend/girlfriend situation and if they are still together tell her face to face that you can't do it if she's with somebody else. Be honest and straight up with her, I've been played once so think outside the box and think long and think hard before you bust a move


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  • She's definitely leading you on (especially since she has a boyfriend). Like Limey said...just enjoy the attention. Going for anything more with this girl is likely to bring the drama (in my opinion).


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  • well, at least she is consitent in her inappropriate behaviour. First she grabs your dick and arse. Which is not acceptable and is technicaly called sexual assault. And then she making sexual advances while she has boyfriend.

    A girl like that is more trouble than she's worth. My advice enjoy the attention and the casual grop, but don't go any further.

    • Ok are you seriously going to press assault charges if a chick grabs your ass and rubs her hand over your crotch?? If your serious that's just sad.

    • No I wouldn't press charges, and I never said or implied that I would. But my point stands it is inappropriate behaviour. You know its not okay to grab a woman twat in public, this girls should known the same thing.

    • What I should have replied to this is, although I would not press charges, some guy here in Bermuda was sentenced to 3 months in prison for touching ladies kness on the bus. 2 ladies pressed charges, he was sentenced to 3 months in prision, which given his nationality, racial group and crime would not be a barrel of laughs. Also and more importantly he lost his work permit so when he did get out of prision he's on the next flight home.

  • Well she will probably cheat so if it was me I would go for it who cares not like I know her bf, she wants to slut herself out fine with me. But you probably won't do that so you could say I will take you out to dinner whenever you break up with your boyfriend but until then all you can is dream babe.