Calling all natural hair sistas what type of hair do I have?

Because really its pretty different comparing to other sistas I have came across too! I am a caramel brown skin creole woman from Louisiana and my hair sort of different ! Now when I wet my hair it looks like this on google images:

My Mane attractions kinky curly

And sometimes when I do my braidouts it look like the same picture I just posted above, that you ladies looked up or like this on google images, put:

beyonce celebrity lace wig kinky indian remy

Now When I comb out my waves with oil, even stretch with banding, or blowout it looks like this girl on google images pulling her hair from both sides:

Natural hair everything biracial

I'm wondering what type of hair do I have! Because I look on YouTube and I can't find one chick close to that texure! I have to find weaves and wigs too use for an example lol! But somebody please tell me what texture would this be? Like either 3b,3c or what?


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  • You didn't post any links...

    • You have to read sweety, I can't post any links it want allow me too! But if you read my question thoroughly I said put the titles on google images and they will be the first pics you do see! Thanks a bunch!